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sydneyb2b Posts: 42
Hi, Has anyone had or is having an outdoor wedding? I'm thinking of having one in the grounds of my hotel, weather permitting! otherwise inside the recemption room. For the outside wedding will I need chairs for everyone, or can we have half standing/older people sitting? and how did you decorate the space? and do you need microphones for the cermony and music etc? how did you work that? Thanks! :thnk
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
The main thing is that its quite difficult to have a legal outdoor ceremony in Ireland. There's only a couple of celebrants who'll do it (Bishop Pat Buckley comes to mind) but a regular priest or HSE celebrant won't conduct an outdoor ceremony. The other option would be to get married in a quick legal service before the actual wedding and then have a celebrant of your choosing (could be anyone you like) on the wedding day.
sydneyb2b Posts: 42
Hi thanks for the reply, I'm aware of the stipulations, so it's really just the outdoor decorations is what I need help with. Thank :thnk
shoveover Posts: 480
OH and I are hoping to have an outdoor ceremony too. We don't know how to decorate it! I guess part of the problem is the decorations need to work for both inside and out because we won't know until probably the day before what the weather will be like. I was at an outdoor ceremony 2 years ago. They had about 100 people there and I'd say there were only about 40 seats. It worked very well. It can be difficult (and expensive) to set up sound equipment outside and if people are standing they will all be closer together than if they are all seated.
sydneyb2b Posts: 42
Thanks for getting back to me shoveover, I'll be waiting on your report in a few months about your outdoor ceremony! Where are you getting married? yeah, That will be hard, I'm thinking maybe hurricane vases filled with flowers, so they can then be brought inside. I'd love one of those timber thing at the top of the aisle that we can stand under, covered in tulle, so I'm going to see can I get a carpenter at home to go something up cheaply. yes, I think the mostly standing will be best, so now to see what to do about people hearing us!