Outift for boy for his 1st communion.What do they wear?

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mini mama Posts: 834
Hi girls my son is making his communion soon and I havent a clue where to start looking for his outift....he wears age 9 to 10 clothes at mo so is a bit big for his age,he is also very conscious of his weight due to teasing in school some time back.... Anyway my question is what are all you other mums putting your communion boys in...i've heard of some wearing full suits and some wearing shirt and tie and pants and some others going casual...he is my first so havent a clue.....what would ye suggest and any ideas of where you'd get something nice for him? Thanks girls :thnk
Rosiemay09 Posts: 218
are you in dublin? we got our son a lovely suit in the ilac centre (i was surprised by how nice it was, v good quality) but my son is nearly 9 and he ended up in a size 7 suit as the sizes were quite generous it might be worth you having a look there. why don't you try on a suit,and then maybe some more casual stuff like trousers and a shirt , next have some lovely stuff or find out what kids in his class are wearing so he feels like he fits in with them if thats what he'd like. good luck
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
It's a tough one, cos a lot of the wee boys are wearing suits but then some are going casual, say nice jeans, a shirt and a leather jacket or a bomber jacket.. What would your son be more comfortable in? Is there a particular item of clothing he'd REALLLY like, like say a cool jacket or something? How about going for smart casual, best of both worlds? So say really nice good quality jeans, a smart shirt and then a cool jacket? How does that sound? You could even add in a tie to the smart shirt if you'd prefer. I'm probably no help at all, but I just think if he's been teased (nasty little children, ignore them, what goes around comes around) and if as you say he's a little bigger then a suit might be a bit constricting and a bit stuffy? I say dress him smart casual and have one 'signature' piece like say the cool jacket that'll have all of those little pr*cks jealous! Good luck with whatever you decide, there's no hard and fast rule, once your little boy enjoys his day. Best wishes to you both :wv
she Posts: 3298
Marks and Spencers have fab suits for communion and they go up to age 10, tell ye next is year is my boys and that where im going.
mini mama Posts: 834
Hey girls thats great poor little man is very conscious and wont even go swimming anymore after the teasing he was put through in school so I want to make this as painless as possible for him... I am limerick based so might try debenhams and next and maybe head down to cork to marks for a look....i want to make a fuss of him as he is my little star :lvs