over the counter tabs for ms

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babybud Posts: 58
girls can you get anything either over the counter or from your doctor for ms, here at work & I can hardly talk I'm so sick...
theoracle Posts: 7664
There is nothing over the counter or under the counter I am afraid.
curliwurli Posts: 3369
oh you poor thing, it's no fun at all. i found the best thing was to keep nibbling away at things like plain toast or biscuits and keep sipping water or tea - basically whatever you can stomach, keep trying to eat little bits during the day - i always found if i let myself get any bit hungry i would feel much much worse. saw these advertised in a mag lately, not sure if they are any good but might be worth a try?? [url:2gbp676y]http://www.mamababe.com/preggie-pops-for-relief-of-morning-sickness.html[/url:2gbp676y]
KC1 Posts: 165
Babybud- I had the worst morning sickness ever! Lost 1st and couldn't keep most food down. The only thing that gave me a small bit of relief was camomile tea. Eating often can help and I found having hard sweets (fox's fruits) to suck on also helped. Good luck!
bride. Posts: 3014
There are tablets but none of them are over the counter, you'd need to be in a fairly bad way. My gp wouldn't prescribe any, I had to get them in the hospital where I was on a drip because I couldn't hold down anything, even water. The hospital were very happy to hand out Stemetil which is very weak but they say it's very low risk. It didn't work for me and after trying them all at this stage I can say most of them don't work anyway. Or at least they didn't for me. Hope you're feeling better soon, ms is just rotten.