Overtime while pregnant??

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Lizzy1 Posts: 4128
Hi all, just wondering what's the stance on this. I work in a very busy kitchen my hrs are generally 7-3 mon-fri (every now and then we do overtime depending on functions etc.) anyway during the summer we're even busier and do longer shifts and hrs. Last summer i was doing 12-14 hr shifts every second day, which was ok at the time cause i was well able for it. I know i won't be asked to do these kind of hrs, but at what point can i say no without losing my job. I'm sure i'll be asked to do some extra hrs but by the busiest time i'll be 5-7 months pregnant. Sorry about the long post but any advice would be appreciated :wv :wv
Trafford Posts: 463
I'd say the best thing to do is have a chat with your doctor, and ask him/her to write a letter of recommendation for "safe" length of working hours above and beyond your basic. Keep it in your back pocket, so to speak, and produce it if you feel you are not able for the extra that is being asked of you. It gets you off the hook, in the sense that it can't be looked on negatively, and also saves you having to just say "no" without any written reason for backing it up. Without a doctor's letter I would expect you could be made, or perceive yourself perhaps, that you are being made to feel guilty if asked to go above and beyond. In some cases you might be glad of the overtime, so don't rule it out in it's entirety.
marleymoo Posts: 503
Hi Lizzy, have you contracted number of weekly hours? If so I dont think you can be discriminated against for choosing not to do over and above these. Alternitively Ive a few days overtime to to do before I go off (Saturdays) but Im using some Annual Leave to shorten my workin week. Im well aware a kitchen environment is totaly different to my job though. x
mrsb09 Posts: 1292
if your working normal hours in a busy kitchen i would presume it would be ok to say no i am wrecked after all you are pregnant. surely that is acceptable?? is there any code/manual in work which you look up to see what is the norm when expecting. anybody had a baby whilst working there?.. i dont think from 5 months on even before really did i do overtime only very rare when i had to. i was wrecked pretty much from early on in pregnancy.. i would imagine been pregnant and a good bit along in the summer would be hard with the heat also...
Lizzy1 Posts: 4128
Thanks girls for the feedback, my contract says 40 hrs 5/7 days and overtime on top when needs be. My friend in work is pregnant also on her 2nd child (she's 2 wks ahead of me) when she was pregnant on her 1st she didn't do any overtime and was never asked to which we fully understood and did the o.t. between us. I don't mind doing a few hrs here and there when needs be but i'll draw the line at 8-12 hrs on my days off :o( :o( Can't see the other girl going out of her way (she's a bit me me me) O:| O:| Will see what happens in the next few wks, supposedly gona talk to us soon about the summer rota
HappyMe Posts: 727
I have to work long hours in my job too - on my first pregnancy at about 24 weeks I felt exhausted. I was in for one of my regular check ups and the consultant saw me and said that if I didn't reduce my hours she was going to sign me off work for the rest of the pregnancy :eek I had to promise before I left the room that I would not work overtime and would even shorten my standard day. She gave me a letter for work. I was so nervous bringing it in so went to HR first for advice and they took it really seriously and reduced my hours to a 6-7 hour day depending on my energy levels - they wanted to drop it further but I refused as was so worried about getting in trouble with my boss. The consultant explained to me that it takes ages to build up energy when you get seriously tired when pregnant and that I would need to build up my energy slowly as otherwise I would not have enough energy for labour and would need a c-section. It was the wake up call I needed to relook at my priorities. This time I am being much better and taking an odd days annual leave if needed etc to try to avoid getting overtired. I think I thought I was invincible on my first pregnancy and wanted to prove I could still do my job as before etc. I might be an exception in how tired I got but you really need to put yourself and babs first when pregnant. edited to add - my contract says 40 hours too + overtime as needed. Pregnancy does give some flex on this though and your employer is responsible for your overall wellbening.
Lizzy1 Posts: 4128
Thanks for that Happyme, we all had a chat today in work and we think we've come up with a situation that's suits all. It will mean doing a few hrs o.t. for 6 wks mid june to end of July so it's not too bad, after those 6 wks though they can f- off :o0 :o0
HappyMe Posts: 727
Thats great you got it sorted. Don't be afraid to say no closer to the time though if you really feel you are not up to it - I definitely made the mistake of trying to do too much. No one will thank you for it in the end. If you are able for it though, sure the bit of extra cash will have no problem being spent on your new arrival!!