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Mumaholic Posts: 833
Hey! Just wondering are any other mums to be overweight?? Im about a size 20, have lost 10 pounds since finding out im pregnant (due to a few weeks of all day nausea which has thankfully passed)... My query is this: When did ye start to show? When did ye feel baby move? Were there any complications cos of you being overweight when you were/are pregnant?? All help greatly appreciated.. :thnk
MRS NYEB2007 Posts: 3275
[quote="Overthemoonjune":1kbyh6pm]Hey! Just wondering are any other mums to be overweight?? Im about a size 20, have lost 10 pounds since finding out im pregnant (due to a few weeks of all day nausea which has thankfully passed)... My query is this: When did ye start to show? When did ye feel baby move? Were there any complications cos of you being overweight when you were/are pregnant?? All help greatly appreciated.. :thnk[/quote:1kbyh6pm] i have no advice on been pregnant, just wanted to say for me personally I think its great for someone a size 20 to get pregnant, I too am between a size 18-20, battling PCOS and yet the doctors keep telling me to keep losing weight - nothing about the fact that I have lost a LOT of weight over the past 1.5yrs. i know the above sounds patronising - and I really don't mean for it to sound that way I just don't know what other to put it - apologies if I offend anyone but from what the doctors imply to me the only reason I am not getting pregnant is because of my weight - nothing about the fact that its hit or miss if I ovulate everymonth etc... So rant over, wishing you a happy and healthy 30 weeks :o)ll :o)ll
Delish Posts: 4176
Hi my bmi was about 26 when I got pregnant, so marginally overweight. Anyway I didn't put on an awful lot of weight when I was pregnant, in fact I lost about 6 lbs and gained in total around 2 stone, so I managed to lose whatever babyweight I had quickly. Not sure if it was because I had some wight on me or not but I didn't feel the need to eat loads when I was pregnant so thankfully didn't gain too much excess weight. I think one of the complications of being overweight when pregnant is the ultrasound might not be as clear (if you have tummy fat) and I think movement might not be felt as early. You might find that you'll loose weight when pregnant as you are forced to improve your diet. I know both myself and another friend, even though we gained baby weight, we both feel we lost some fat as we weren't drinking or eating too much crap. You'ld want to watch out for gestational diabetes and restrict your sugary food intake ( if you have a sweettooth like me)
jmeath Posts: 5740
Im a size 18 and now 39wks pregnat....ive put on 1 stone 12lb....its all bump thank god, im in size 18 maternity clothes and i bought a couple of normal tops just size 20....im only fitting them now with bump. I wore a couple of maternity tops from pretty early but i think it was more that i could get better fitting clothes....i wore my 1st pair of maternity trousers/jeans at about 14/15 weeks...i could still fit a couple of old ones but they just werent as cumfy... i didnt buy too much, i had 2 pairs work trousers, 3 jeans and 2 combats....had a grand pair of 3/4 lenghts during the summer.... the combats, 1 work trousers and 1 pair of jeans are under the bump and 2 pairs jeans and 1 work trousers over the bump (so cumfy later on)! Sorry im rambling i thinki started to show early enough about 16 - 18 wks maybe? Maybe even a little before...we got married when i ws 24wks and i didnt look pregnant in my dress but i did in normal clothes. Felt first movements at 22wks (i really had to concentrate to feel them...i was off work sick and in bed for a week so thats the only reason i got to feel the first flutters) No complications so far so good....i am asthmatic and was terrified, now if i walk downstairs and back up id be out of breath but i was like that anyway. Hope this helps...sorry for waffeling!!!!
pigeonwife Posts: 3789
I am a size 14-16 but was about a stone overweight before getting pregnant and have already put on about 2and a half stone. BMI was over 30 at my 12 week check up so I had the glucose intolerance test last Tuesday and just got the all clear today. So relieved. Hi Girls, I watched a show on Sky + Anytime last night if any of you have it - it was really interesting - called obese and pregnant. Now it did feature 3 morbidly obese women weighing between 320 - 360 lbs at the end of their pregnancies but it gave a good idea of the problems faced. One woman had diabetes to begin with, one contracted gestational diabetes during the pregnancy but got the all clear after the baby was born and the other girl managed to actually lose so much weight that she weighed less after the baby was born than when she got pregnant. Being pregnant was the catalyst for her to start eating healthier. As mentioned above the diabetes and the unclear scans were the biggest problems. The woman who had type 2 diabetes before getting pregnant had to have an amniocenteses at 37 weeks to ensure the babies lungs were developed and then had a scheduled c-section. The one with GD had a natural birth and the other girl went overdue and had an emergency caesarian after 2 days of induction failed to get her going and the baby was showing signs of distress. Fascinating stuff if anyone can get to have a look.
mrsblacky Posts: 440
Hi :wv I am a size 22 and I have been going each week to my GP because my blood pressure is quite high. He has put me on medication (Trandate, which is suitable for pregnant women) to control it and has said the BP is down to my weight and that it may cause problems later in the pregnancy. This did scare me slightly but after speaking to my GP, I feel ok about things.... I know that I am in safe hands!! He has said that I should try loose some weight by being sensible.... getting some moderate excercise, cutting down on my carbs and cutting salt out of my diet... doing these things will not be harmful to the baby but will benefit me! I had a m/c in June, so when my GP first noticed my high BP, he thought it might be pre-eclampsia (which can cause m/c's) he sent me to the hosp to be on the safe-side. It turns out its not pre-eclampsia but the hosp did a scan at 8weeks and even through the blub (!!!) the scan was quite clear so I wouldn't worry about your scans not being clear!! I have my first ante-natal hospital appointment on Monday so i'll be asking them what i'm to expect during my pregnancy, what with being overweight.....they (obviously!) deal with pregnant women of all sizes more often than my GP, so should be more knowledgeable!!! I can feel my tum getting harder but other than that I feel no different yet, and definitely look no different... I am really looking forward to feeling movement but it's quite a few weeks away yet!! I like the idea of this thread... it's hard to compare our pregnancies with slimmer girls because we will obviously start showing and feeling things at different times so it'll be nice to have you to chat to!!! Roll on Monday for my appointment! TTFN, mrsblacky :thnk
Mumaholic Posts: 833
Thanks for your replies girls.. Raging i missed that programme, but thankfully im not nearly that much overweight!! Even though im basically fat im quite fit and go to the gym regularly. I've been so excited at getting pregnant after trying for 11 months that I never thought of the health risks cos of my weight and got into a bit of a panic about things. Due back with my doc at 12 weeks so will ask her alll these questions too but just wanted to be prepared for her possible answers, she didnt seem anyway phased by my weight at 6 weeks so please god there'll be nothin major anyway!
Mumaholic Posts: 833
Mrsblacky, I just saw your response after i'd posted again!! Its brill to have someone to compare notes with, such a scary time!! Would love to be able to fast forward time even just to get to 12 weeks to get back to my doc. I'll have that many questions she'll be askin security to remove me from her office :o0 Have they listened to baby heartbeat for you yet??
maniemoo Posts: 582
Hi, I'm a size 16 bottom/18 top (about 3 stone overweight I spose even though I don't like to think about it!) Anyway I'm 21.5 weeks pregnant and my weight hasn't affected me at all thank god (not yet anyway). We had no trouble getting pregnant and so far I've had no problems. I've only gained 2 lbs so far and that has been in the last week as the bump has only really started to grow in the last week or two, up until then you couldn't really tell I was pregnant. I haven't felt any movement yet which could be down to the fact that I carry weight around my middle to begin with, but doc says it's nothing to worry about for at least another 3 or 4 weeks. At all my checkups/scans so far my BP, blood sugar, urine, iron levels etc have all been perfect and the baby is the exact right size etc for the stage I'm at so we're both healthy. I am a little bit concerned about how uncomfortable I'll be towards the end, given that I have a spare tyre and big boobs at the best of times! But apart from that I'm flying it and I do think you can be overweight and healthy - sure it's not ideal but on the flip side, just because you're skinny doesn't mean you'll have a perfect pregnancy. Hope that helps :wv
pigeonwife Posts: 3789
Overthemoon - not sure when that program is/was actually aired as I watched it on Sky+ anytime. Think it was the discovery channell and they usually repeat stuff anyway. But if you have or know anyone who has Sky+ it should still be on their anytime programs for another spell yet.