overwhelmed feeling sometimes

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babybuttons Posts: 886
just sitting here in kitchen. nice and quiet and i got a panic attack that i will have a baby soon. dont get me wrong i am extremely excited about baby but i start to think what if i cant cope with a baby or do everything wrong. does anyone else get totaly overwhelmed sometimes when they think of how they will cope when baby arrives. im thinking i wont be able to hold it properly or feed it or change it and the poor child will be unhappy and crying all the time cos his/her mammy is useless. (PND already has hit me)
Crostini Posts: 1105
it's totally natural! don't you worry one bit! i worry that i'm not going to bond with him etc. on the plus side though, the midwives will show you how to feed him/her, how to chnage nappies and how to bath them before you go home. you'll also have the health vistor come to see you within a few weeks of goign home to see how you are doing. I bet you'll be a great mum!!!!
Elegance Posts: 2848
i think its totally natural that you would feel as you do right now. its a huge life change that you are about to go through and if you didn't feel anxious then you wouldnt be normal. as the op said, they will help you in hospital and it will be second nature for you before you go home as to feeding and changing nappies. its so close now... only 9 days left to edd!!! wow... no wonder your feeling a bit nervous pet. :xox
Maria1983 Posts: 390
Don't worry. I was like that; I was just lucky enough to have an amazing mother in law that helped me through everything and assured me that everyone makes mistakes, especially first time around, and it doesn't make you any less of a mother. And if you have support like I had from her (not even my own mother), you'll definitely be fine. Mistakes are natural, you learn as you go. It's not about being perfect, it's about being as good as you can be. We all feel overwhelmed and you will be even more so every time he or she toss a new challenge your way. But enjoy the ride :) .
yikesJune08 Posts: 395
Hi There, I have to say I had a lot of the same feelings this weekend, although I desperately want and wanted this baby, I am feeling a bit afraid now, and its all very real and close by now although I have some way to go yet, I am starting to get afraid of not knowing what to do etc. despite having book information overload, my sis is pregnant also and is having the same feelings, Yikes
fxfor3 Posts: 2347
Hey Hopeforbaby, Its totally natural to feel the way you do. Everybody feels the same especially when you are so close to due date. My advice would be when you have baby just ask questions dont be afraid to ask even if you think they are silly. We all have to learn on our first as we go along. I had a great sil who has 5 kids that i was constantly on the phone to i would have been lost without her. Also over in Mum and kids there is great support and advice. I totally freak out now thinking about second baby , how am i going to cope will i be able to give enough attention to dd1 so i think if you had 10 kids you would still be worrying over something. You will be a great mum so please try not worry too much :xox
babybuttons Posts: 886
thanks girls. i think im just a hormonal mess today. i put clothes on line and 2 minutes later it lashed rain and i cried my eyes out. i think its cos its getting so close to EDD that i am freaking out a little that im not mentally prepared to be a mom. and am crying over the smallest of things today.