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Sinead78 Posts: 139
Hi Guys I have started using an ovulation kit, How do you find these, do you think they work. I have been letting things happen naturally for the last 7 months but nothing so I thought it was time to do something about it Sinead
Mrs Peg Posts: 1778
Hi Sinead, I chart my cycle but have been using opks for the last few months just to confirm what i'm seeing in the charting. I've found them pretty useful - charting tells me everything i need to know but the opks have given me that extra bit of comfort. One thing I would say is that you will get a positive up to 36 hours beforehand but your fertile time starts a couple of days before this - so you wouldn't want to be waiting on a positive before doing the deed - you should have started a few days before that if that makes sense. But it will help you find your peak time - when you're most likely to get pregnant. Just make sure you test at the same time every day (not mornings) and be conscious of how much you drink beforehand, as that can skew the results. Good luck!
Sinead78 Posts: 139
Just one more quick question Yesterday there was no Line only the ref line and today there is a line - Not as strong as the ref line, does that mean anything Thanks Sinead
Sart Posts: 441
it means you will ovulate in the next 36-48 hours so get bd'ing. If your DH has a low sperm count wait until you get the second positive. I used opk's but they just didn't do it for me. I found cervical position much more helpful when combined with EWCM.
mrs sarah c Posts: 522
Hi there, I used them and never got a + response even though I used them for a few days before during and after I was expecting them to be +.I got pregnant despite not 1 +.keep a recopd of all the lines etc but they are def not as accurate as they calim to be. My period was nearly 10 days late before I did preg test as I was so demoralised by the - ov test..keep your spirits up ttcers!!