Ovulation Question... advice needed

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Poppit Posts: 2042
Hi, Just wondering if anyone can enlighten me. I always have a 27 day cycle but last month my BOM (AKA AF) was late and didn't arrive till CD31. This month hubby was working away but we managed to dtd before he went on CD12 and CD13. Today i am CD17 and have noticed alot of CM. Could i still be fertile? I have tried to use the ask-amy website, but i dont know what cycle to put in 27 or 31. Thanks Poppit
NotHere Posts: 10273
Not sure Poppit, but a big sign for me was constant CM. Fingers crossed!!! :o)ll :o)ll
Sleep Monster Posts: 2829
Hi poppit, as far as I know if you are seeing logs of EWCM then you are still fertile. Once you ovulate the egg only lasts up to 24 hours and after this time your CM usually dries up pretty much immediately. Are you charting temperatures? It's a good way of pinpointing the time of ovulation. If your period is late it's because ovulation has occured later than usual, as the luteal phase (between ovulation and your AF) is always the same, give or take a day. HTH :wv