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Septbride Posts: 380
Hi, I know I know - here I am moaning again!! But I still have no AF - I am on CD57 and its 39DPO and still no sign. Even though at this stage I know I couldn't be preg I still found myself doing another preg test this morn just to confirm I am not pregnant!!! If you were me would you make appoint to see Doc? Tell me there is no way I could be preg as the docs test are less sensitive than shop bought ones but maybe he could do blood test to see if there are any underlying probs with hormones or whatever !! Or would you just wait it out with a big smile on your face and not burst into tears every time an add comes on for pampers!!! :oops:
anon42day Posts: 45
Sorry to hear this SeptBride - its so upsetting and frustrating when things like this happen - is this your first month of the pill?? I would definitely make an appt with the doctor and see what they say - it can't do any harm and it might make you feel a bit better - I know of plenty of people in similar situations - unfortunately the medical profession are a bit slow to do tests etc unless you haven't had one in months - but your doctor may put you on the tablets that help regulate your periods
Miss Sunshine Posts: 1128
aw thats really sweet. you're obviously DYING to have a little babs like myself. To be honest I think I would go to the doctor and just say it to him. Have you just come off the pill??? maybe this is the reason. But I think you should definitely go to the doctor to put your mind at ease. best of luck
Septbride Posts: 380
I wish I was just off the pill girls - but its about 3 years since I took it !! I had been to doc about long cycles etc. and was suppose to go back to him on day 21 of nxt cycle to check ovulation levels etc. but I never got them so I don't know whethere to bother or not !!! The joys think I will wait until end of wk