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macattack Posts: 1617
Hi girls. Just wondering if anyone has used these at their wedding or seen them at a wedding as a guest? How did they go down? I've ordered them already so just waiting on them to be delivered now. Any idea how long this takes? I was thinking of getting little cheap stopwatches for each table to make it easier for them to keep the time - do think this a good idea or a little OTT? All opinions welcome. Thanks!
RainbowNinja Posts: 4437
i've been at a few weddings that have had them and they have gone down very well.. beats writing on a napkin! I think the stop watches are a great idea! never saw that before! I ordered mine about a month ago as wasnt sure how long they would take, they arrived last week
macattack Posts: 1617
Thanks Rinbowninja (cool name by the way). So how do they look in reality then?
Girl Posts: 195
I've seen them, they actually look pretty nice, and the quality of the paper is good too!
2ndtimer Posts: 336
I got these too, they arrived within the week and were free, so happy days :o)ll They come in ivory envelopes with an ivory A4 page inside with instructions etc and rows for the names of people on the table to enter and their time etc. Like 'Girl' said, the quality of the paper is very good too. Stop watches are a good idea. I was at a wedding that had the sweepstakes but there were no pencils/pens so that's something I'll be pinching from Argos etc to have on the table also.
macattack Posts: 1617
[quote="2ndtimer":2v5ac07g]I was at a wedding that had the sweepstakes but there were no pencils/pens so that's something I'll be pinching from Argos etc to have on the table also.[/quote:2v5ac07g] :yelrotflmaosmilie: :yelrotflmaosmilie: :yelrotflmaosmilie: I thought they came on card rather than paper though? Not that I can really complain given that they're free.
Bellisima Posts: 3583
Mine came eventually but I had to email them about it. Get onto them if you havent gotten them after a few weeks!
ciaraella Posts: 5323
We had them and they went down very well. Stopwatches are a nice idea but i wouldn't worry about them too much, most phones have a stopwatch on them.
Jawl Posts: 8881
I got mine, they're fab! They went down really well at a wedding I was at recently. Prob cos h2b won :o)ll But I'll ask the hotel to put a pen on each table, and we used a stop watch on h2b's phone for it.
Gembira Posts: 847
We had them at our wedding and they went down really well. They looked great. The instructions, etc, were printed on ivory card and the envelopes were excellent quality. Especially when you consider you're getting them free! I bought some peronalised pens and put them out with the envelopes. I did think about getting stop watches too but as OP has said, no-one really needed them. They were a hit though! They were especially good on tables where the crowd was a bit mixed and maybe didn't know each other that well. Bit of a conversation starter. :) xxx