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cbtb Posts: 413
Have any of you experienced this. I have a pain in my undercarriage all of it and at the very tops of my thighs. It feels like I pulled a muscle. Can't stand on one foot at all and it hurts when I walk or stand for any length of time. I'm also finding when I'm lying down I sometimes get a darting pain up my ladybits. Anyone have this or have any tips on how to get comfie. :wv
annabella Posts: 190
could be pre-clampsia(sp). my friend had similar complaints to you and thats what she had. you should go to GP and ask - better safe than sorry. you might just need some bed rest :thnk
charlie19 Posts: 65
When i was pregnant with my little man, i experienced the same pain as you describe, turns out it was SPD and i was on crutches for the last 6 weeks, as it was so bad. The other pain you describe could possibly be connected all though the only time i can say i had that was about a few days before labour started and was def worst on labour day itself before my waters broke. I dont mean to scare you as i dont know how far along you are. I would go to the doctor if i was you and if it's SPD he make refere you to phisio but childbirth really is the only way to get rid of it. Best of luck..
voddy Posts: 108
Went to doc yesterday as i was experiencing these pains too. She said theres nothing to worry about, its just that area preparing itself for the birth!
cbtb Posts: 413
I've just been to the doctor for routine check-up, she said it was just one of those things, which I guess it is but is a very frustrating answer. My blood pressure is perfect thankfully so that rules out pre-eclampsia. Guess I'll just have to put up with it. My bump is quite big for 27 weeks so I guess that pressure has to take effect somewhere. Thanks Girls :wv
siobod Posts: 331
[u:2cpanpk6]Oh ladies be very careful about doctors and midwives telling you that this is just "normal pregnancy pain".[/u:2cpanpk6] That is the way that things like SPD are very often overlooked (happened to me too). SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction) cannot be diagnosed by any tests, but if you run a search online you can read more about the pain and you should talk with a physio about how to avoid getting yourself into positions where you end up in pain. :thnk
alton Posts: 3077
At my first antenatal class, a couple of weeks ago, we had a physio explaining some of the different problems that you can have while pregnant and suggesting strategies to deal with them. It was really nice to have someone actually suggesting that there is something you can do to ease discomfort instead of that usual look you get from the GP that seems to say "what do you expect, you're pregnant?" What you're describing sounds like SPD or Pelvic Pain Syndrome, and you might get more useful advice from a physio than from a GP. If your GP or consultant won't refer you, you can always just ring up a physio and book an appointment yourself.
cbtb Posts: 413
Thanks girls, The doctor put me off work and it has made a huge difference. The only time it hurts now is if I over do it and some times at the end of the day. :wv