Pain high up in my back

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tinyfeet Posts: 3482
Anyone else have this? Just the last few days I have been getting this & it's really uncomfortable. It's kind of high up almost as high as where my bra strap would go across. So uncomfortable in bed, watching tv, pretty much doing anything really :o( :o( Helllppp, anyone got any tips it would be much appreciated :wv
jmeath Posts: 5740
Try a hot water bottle...always works for my back or a nice soak in the so love a bubble bath now but cant coz of the stupid water!
Piggle Posts: 1770
Hey ... You should try [img:2lart5ou][/img:2lart5ou] Oh can't get the image up :( Its a Deep Heat Patch. I find them great, and it would be great for getting around. it last eight hours! Hope you feel better soon *)
Busy Mom Posts: 2910
i have no solution other than lying down in bed resting - said it to the cons last week and he said it was front the weight of the bump pulling forward.its reallynot nice