Pain in early labour??

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sodbride Posts: 105
I was due 1st baby, Sun the 19th of April. I started period type pains on the day. By Mon I was having contractions 5 min apart so the hopsital told me to come in. When they did exam I was 1-2cm dilated, lost mucas plug so they told me everything was moving along well. The contractions went to 3 min apart, then back to five. By the time a doc looked at me 9 hrs later I hadnt dilated anymore and was sent home. The contractions stopped tues morn. I had a doc appointment that day and he told me to come striaght in again the next time the contractions are 5 min apart. So Wed eve they started again. By 11pm they were 5-6 min apart. I waited in bed as I didnt want to go to hospital only to be sent home again. By 2am the contractions were really strong and 5 min apart. We rang the hopsital and was told to come straight in. When the internal was done i still hadnt dilated past 1/2cm but they thought I would deliver. Im home again thurs night with bad pains every 5 min or so and dont know whats happening. HELP!! Should early labour be this painfull???
Dora the explorer Posts: 1570
yes I found it defo was, what hospital are you in pet, I think its disgraceful that they keep sending you home, hope your ok x
sodbride Posts: 105
Its awful Dora, Im in Galway and have lost all confidence in them and myself now. I wont even want to go in when I am actually in labour. The greatest bitch of a midwife in there actually gave out to us for coming in as we werent in real labour and I was bent over in pain. Couldnt talk. Must have spent 4 hrs crying over the way the wagan's spoke to us. Told me i couldnt be in that much pain as i wasnt in real labour darling, now get yourself togeather!!!!!! Normally Id give as good as i got but on the second night with no sleep and pain all I could do was cry. My husband was so shocked and angry. Gonna wait till I get baby out but Ill have to complain about her. never been treated so badly in all my life. I looked up my situation and since baby is facing posterior it can be that painfull. Feel like a bloody failure so early on. Sorry for the rant!
Dora the explorer Posts: 1570
My sister had a baby facing poserier and it was that painful, listen why dont you go to your GP this morning and tell them whats going on and if you have to ring the Master of the hospital being treated like that is not acceptable, you should have seen me when I was 1 cm I cried the house down do dont be hard on yourself.
sodbride Posts: 105
Just rang GP, waiting on call bk. Thanks Dora
Dora the explorer Posts: 1570
hope it goes well let me know how you are
luvlylili Posts: 232
hey girlies!! My first son was in the posterior position... On saturday morning i woke up with pains in my back, not very bad but a real heavy feeling like i was getting my period, 2hours later i got a show, i knew with a show it doesnt always happen straight away, it could take days.. so i decided to keep busy and walking, so hubby and me went to town, but i was barely able to walk, the pain in my back was making me walk funny, so decided to go home, i spent the saturday doing circles round the sitting room, didnt sleep at all sat night and sunday morning my mother came in and said i was prob in early labor, so told me to keep walking!! so i walked the legs off myself, it wasnt unbareable pain more discomfort, i couldnt get comfy sitting or standing and i felt awkward walking, by 6pm on the sunday my mum said right up to the hospital, so went up, they put me on the machine to see if i was having contractions, it turned out yes i was having mild contractions but they werent dilating me at all, so she gave me a internal and said she would probably see me in a day or two!! after the internal i felt the pains a lil more intense and by 1am they were coming very frequently but not lasting long at all, mum didnt believe me that they were coming as frequently as they were, by 3am i felt i needed to go hospital again, so into the car and up to the hospital, my waters went in the car on way, i didnt feel a thing, i didnt even know until i went to get out of the car and i was soaked, went up to labor ward, she didnt believe me i was in labor or that my waters had gone!! but when she checked i was 3cm so she kept me.. they dont consider you in labor apparently until ur 3cm dilated!!! i got to 5cm within a hour but it all completely slowed down after that! so they had to put me on the drip to try and help things move along faster... my son was born on monday at 4.30pm, after a failed vaccum attempted and a forceps delievery. He was facing the wrong way, which midwives this time around have explained to me is alot harder on the mother: You can have a longer labor. Must mothers dont feel the urge to push. Strong pains in your back through your labor
leopardess Posts: 906
its an absolute disgrace that they are treating you this way. do they know your baby is in a posterior position? i have been told the pain is 10 times worse for the mother. if you get like that again go in and refuse to leave the labour ward. its shocking the way some pregnant women are treated!! i hope things progress for you soon
Emomc Posts: 2069
Have'nt any advice to offer Sodbride-but just want to wish you well and do take care
brunette Posts: 234
For jaysus sake who does that yoke think she is >:o( >:o( >:o( That sort of behaviour is to totally unprofessional and just ignorant BULLYISH behaviour. As kiss the bride said refuse to leave the next time and if that pig of a woman comes near you, refuse to deal with her at all and demand someone else. Get your partner to do the talking if your in pain. Best of luck to you, heres some flowers for you :thnk