Pain in hips???

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2010Mrs Posts: 991
Hi girls Just wondering if anyone has had any experience of this or any advise. Ive been sleeping on my two sides for the past 20 weeks and no bother, now 17 weeks pregnant and for the past week I wake up every half hour or so and have to switch sides as I have a dull ache in my hip joint, when I move on to the other side the side I was lying on still hurts for a few minutes, Is this anything to worry about ??? or should I just mention at my next appt :lvs :lvs
Lizzie02 Posts: 2624
This is nothing to worry about but do mention at your next appointment. I have had this from about 20 weeks too and is just everything 'loosening' up and the extra weight lying on your hips at night. Try putting 2 or even 3 pillows between your knees at night to keep you in alignment. I am near the end of the road now and have a lot of pain in my S.I. joint (sacroiliac joint) and it is killing me :weep Have you invested in a gym ball as yet to rock back and forth on? I would recommend this also. Keep an eye also on your posture as this will change as you get bigger and but more pressure on you.
luckymummy Posts: 650
I had this too, on both pregnancies, worse on the first, like lizzy said try pillows between you knees at night, i also went to see physio and she helped me a lot. Basically with me it was caused my ligaments in my hips softening (to allow for some movement in the hips during delivery) and resulted in realignment of hip joints, i haven't explained that very well sorry. Do say it at next visit but don't worry about it.
2010Mrs Posts: 991
Thanks girls, at least I know its normal.. Will try the pillow between the knees tonight!!!
PaniniRoses Posts: 3628
2012Mrs, it sounds like the general catch all of pelvic girdle pain. Ask for a referral to your hospital's physio dept and they'll be able to give you exercises and suggestions to help minimise its impact and stop it getting any worse.