Pain in my leg!

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mrs Posts: 673
Hey girls, have like a shooting pain in my right leg today it's like from my ankle to my calf kinda!. it's not there all the time, just when I move certain ways or walk certain ways. Every time it happens I am like 'ouch'!!!!! :-8 Is it any reason for concern?
tinyfairy Posts: 1536
Is it a cramp in your leg?? Perfectly normal in pregnancy to suffer with cramps..... Don't think it's sciatica (sp) cause this is usually in your bum or thigh! Hope you're feeling better..
MrsK07 Posts: 454
I have the pins and needles in my thigh. Had it with my 1st baby 13 years ago and now its back again. If I sit for ages it starts to get numb. I'd say its more than likely sciatica but must ask the doc about it.
mrs Posts: 673
Thanks girls, well it's not improved, it not like pins and needles, just sharp shooting pain, am on the sofa now with feet up so hopefully will ease it! Every twinge is worrying at this stage,even in my leg!!
alton Posts: 3077
I've been waking in the night with something like that - a really horrible pain in the muscle of the back of my leg below the knee. I find that if I can point my heel down and point my toes towards my knees so that the calf muscle is stretched it eases off a bit. It's pure agony when it happens but as far as I know, nothing to worry about.
mrs Posts: 673
Thanks Alton, It seemed to do the trick! Haven't had anything since! Hope it doesn't come back either!