Pain in my side

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Bubba Bump Posts: 348
I have a pain on my left hand side. It's not bad but it's niggling away at me. It's just below my ribs! It gets painful sometimes and when it does it's kind of hard to take a deep breath :o( Anyone any idea as to what this could be?
newyearbabs Posts: 686
Could be streching I used to get it a lot at your stage. When is your next hospital or doc app. say it to them then or if it gets worse give them a quick ring.
sinion Posts: 6050
I get something similar all the time, when I breathe in a get a sharp pain below my ribs. If it's the same, I find stretching it out helps get rid of it, without breathing in or out, stretch you arms up high so you feel the area where the pain is begin to stretch. If it doesn't ease off i'd go to the doc just to be safe