Pain in places I never knew possible...

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hagfromhell Posts: 2146
Anyone experiencing pain in the tops of their legs, on the inside (I mean on your legs nearest your va ja ja :-8 :-8 ) I seem to get them more at night when I lie down, and they make the climbing out of bed for the fifteen trips to the loo HELL. Also I seem to be getting ass cramp on one side only. WTF??? Now I have a daughter and I know its 8 years since I was pregnant but I would surely remember this. I am getting symptoms that I never had the last time, I know I am a bit older but Holy God. I am still getting morning sickness and am having baby in 6 weeks so that'll tell ya. Oh to be one of these lucky women that bloom instead of looking like I was dragged by a horse across gravel.
pixiechick Posts: 647
:o0 I started gettting them pains too in the last few weeks,it only happens when I am sleeping. They are horrible, I mentioned it to my GP and he said its ligaments stretching when your body relaxes. I hear you on the dead ass thing too,FFS! At least you have only 6 weeks left,I have 15 :eek. Best of luck and hopefully the time goes quickly for you.
jmeath Posts: 5740
Im not sure if my aches n pains are the same but i tend to have to move from left o right millions during the night as the top of my arse cheeks get sore....not numb or dead i cant describe it...i find it lasts until the afternoon and then after walking a bit kinda loosens up but it makes me walk funny for awhile. Hope your feeling a bit better soon
flippersmrs Posts: 660
i hear ya on the wierd pains. i have really sore ass/back. kinda like i hurt my coccyx, kills me to sit down. and my muscles on the top of left thigh near groin are incredibly sore too esp when climbing stairs. nobody told me about all these funny pains. that and round ligament pains-totally freaked me out at the start.
justwed09 Posts: 2349
have gotton a pain the last few nights when i lie on my right side. it goes when i lie on the opposite side. although i did sneeze yesterday and nearly cried with the pain in my groin, think i pulled something by sneezing :o0