Pain in the bum... literally!

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broodynewlywed Posts: 164
Hi girls, I've had little or no symptoms at all so far, but I do have a ridiculously sore bum! Its a little lower than my back on the right hand side. Its gets worse if I exercise or stand up for a good while. Its like a muscle pain that you'd get if you exercised muscles you've never used before! It was so bad this morning, DH had to help me out of bed! Anyone any experiences of this and what can I do to improve it? I can only see if getting worse as the months progress!
UndercoverBride Posts: 110
I didn't have any major sympton that made me realise i might be pregnant just loads of niggly little things that made me feel out of sorts and a pain in the bum was one of them!! To me it felt like when you hurt your tail bone only a little hire up and it was making my tummy a little queasy when i got it. It's gone now though. Got my BFP over 2 weeks ago.
leopardess Posts: 906
Mmm that sounds like sciatica, i got this towards the end of my first pregnancy and i know its not pleasant at all. mention it to your doctor and id be careful exercising as that could aggravate it more.
piripiri Posts: 165
i had something like was only down one cheek though...and went after a week i'd say. very sore at the time...walked around with a big limp!