Pain on my side - HELP!

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Hellothere2010 Posts: 2358
girls on my left hand side I have this pain - its catching in my breath if you know what i mean. Its over my left ribs and moving down over my belly - its getting worse and worse and Im sitting bolt upright typing this as the pain is intense. Ive had stretching pain before - bit nothing like this. What do you think? Anyone get this before? Slightly freaking out here. Very very hard to move in the chair.
wexfordbell Posts: 1065
Ive being having pains like that Liv Dec for last week. Waas in hospital last night due to fainting and mentioned them. The doc on duty said they were strectching pains and unless there was bleeding of some sort not to really worry.... Thankfully babs is still moving sweetly around daily now
Hellothere2010 Posts: 2358
i think you are right - I feel better now - thanks
madhatter01 Posts: 495
Hi there, I also have these and when I mentioned it to doc she said its just the babs is lying. It comes and goes but it can get very painful esp when Im out walking for more than 10 mins! Don't be worrying should be grand :wv
Hellothere2010 Posts: 2358
I agree thats what it is - the baby was moving a lot yesterday