Pain Relief Article in Irish Times

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GentleBirth Posts: 750 ... 64263.html It's great to see alternative methods being encouraged! Tracy
Roxanne Posts: 3201
I was delighted to see this too - I told my mother to read it as she was a bit freaked out that I decided to go Public (ie. to the Midwives' Clinic) so I was glad to see such a positive report! Interesting to see too that the three factors in a positive birth experience were one to one from a midwife, immersion in the bath and hypnobirthing. I thought the consultant from Holles came across badly though, even DH commented on how negative his language was, saying the epidural transformed a 'miserable experience' for women into a positive one. I'm more interested to know how the labours he referred to got to the stage of being miserable experiences the first place. I get the feeling consultants see very little of what happens in the 24 hours leading up to delivery and so don't appreciate how important that time can be.
sally Posts: 1140
On my last pregnancy I went with a Domino scheme but enrolled in ante-natal classes which I later realised were for private patients. I had been expecting the attitude to be try how it goes without pain relief but get it if you need it as I had intended to do but the midwife was really pushing the epidural etc.... I went away pretty much convinced I would have the epi until I read your book Tracey which I have to say Id recommend to anyone. It was funny during the class the midwife made a comment... not sure how exactly she phrased it but she was encouraging everyone to get the epi but said something along the lines of "of course its different if your doing Domino" as if to say we wouldnt need pain relief... one of the other mums asked why it was different and she said "oh they just do things differently".... I have to say a bit of preparation went a long way for me and yoga classes and reading up on hypnobirthing (although I didnt really practice it) went a long way and I only needed gas and air and think my labour was quite quick as a result of the relaxation techiniques I learnt. Still I wouldnt rule out an epi this time as all labours are different but again ill take a see how I go attitude.
Roxanne Posts: 3201
Actually, my mother had my brother and me in the late sixties/early seventies, and she claims that at the time the epidural wasn't available if you went private because they were still 'trying it out on the public patients'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :ooh