Pain under left rib?

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doolittle Posts: 910
Hi I was wondering could anyone shed light on this? Ive had what feels like a constant stitch below my left breast just where my rib cage finishes for almost 2 weeks. It does come and go and I notice its worse when I slouch on the sofa. Im not due to see hospital foa another week and doctor for 3 weeks but was wondering does anyone else have it or have any ideas of how to get rid of it?
Martiespride Posts: 997
Hi there, i dont have that as im only 13 wks. would it be the baby pushing up on your ribs/stomach? for peace of mine your pop to your gp in the morning?
05bride Posts: 314
doolittle, I'm driven mad from this too but for me it's my right hand side, exactly where you said on the ribs. I get it out the same place in my back. Thought my bra was too tight and got a bigger size even though I don't think I needed it but it didn't make any difference. I find it very painful in work as I'm desk bound and it seems to aggrevate it. Going to doc next week so will ask and PM you if I have any update on what is causing it or how to relieve it.
Duncelt Posts: 460
I'm the exact same - I posted about this a week or so ago - I'm getting it on the right side also but at the back of my ribs - i've a 90 min train journey to work which is becoming a nightmare and I also sit at a desk - people have suggested its my posture but i've an apt with my consultant Tue week and will mention it then - if anyone has any apts before then can they let me know what they're told - appreciate it.
doolittle Posts: 910
Thanks at least Im not the only one suffering! Ive done a search online and it seems to be pretty common and has to do with the stomach pushing on nerves but I was hoping there would be a quick fix solution. Im not due a hospital visit till Jan 13th and doctor visit two weeks after that and just dont want to be bothering the doctor with a poor me Ive got a pain story! If anyone gets any info from their doctors do pass it on! Cheers!
WinterGal Posts: 835
Girls I have this pain on top of my right ribs too for about the last 3 to 4 weeks and as doolittle said it gets worse when I slouch on the sofa. It's almost like I burnt my skin, that stingy feeling. I was at the docs today and said it to him, basically it's normal, he did say it should ease off a little when the baby's head moves down and takes some pressure off the top of the rib area. He said if it's that bad then take paracetamol. I'll suffer it rather than take pain killers but it does get so bad at times. I asked was there anything I could take for the pains in my legs at night as they were quite bad the last two nights. He said "well there is always getting up in the middle of the night to the baby for night feeds". Ok, point taken, I'll suffer the leg pains too. :o0 He did say make sure and drink plenty of fluid. The joys!
mrs mammy Posts: 1487
Have been getting that horrible pain on my right side too and the only relief I get is when I sit back on the couch with pillows behind me, also when I take my bra off! Wintergal I had bad leg pains there for a while and the midwife told me to make sure Im getting plenty of calcium in my diet, hope that helps, the pain has eased off quite a bit since I upped my intake a little.
winnie d pooh Posts: 139
I've got the stitch too on my left side, it does be at the front and the back and it seems to get a lot worse if I eat too much so I've learnt to only eat small amounts expecially for lunch when I have to go back to work and if I do pig out I make sure I can lie down for the rest of the day. Lots of pillows seem to do the trick. I never asked the doctor about it.
spanish mum Posts: 2468
i´m 31&1/2 weeks and have started getting the pain under my right ribs too. it is like the babys bum is pushing up there, and if i sit on couch, you can feel the "lump" there compared to the other side. i have to get up and sit on my ball or stand. its not so much a pain tho, as more a numbing, moving, hardening, sensation (IYKWIM)
WinterGal Posts: 835
[quote="mrs happy":1zl4c2ol]Wintergal I had bad leg pains there for a while and the midwife told me to make sure Im getting plenty of calcium in my diet, hope that helps, the pain has eased off quite a bit since I upped my intake a little.[/quote:1zl4c2ol] Thanks mrs happy. I'll give that a go.