Pain when sneezing?

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evenstar Posts: 367
Hi girls, Bit of a strange question - is it normal to get a bad pain in your pelvic area when you sneeze when pregnant? I think it may be the loosening of ligaments or muscles or something but I just wanted to see if anyone else has it! I had my first antenatal visit last Monday and everything was perfect but I completely forgot to ask the question. I've been getting it almost from the start and it probably doesn't help that pregnancy makes me sneeze :-) My DH thinks it's hilarious when I sneeze and then it's followed by a loud OW! Thanks, evenstar
sinion Posts: 6050
oh yes, i've been getting these a few weeks now! When I sneeze (and i'm doing a lot of sneezing lately!) or cough or get up too fast I get a sharp pain along the pelvis area, just above the thigh. It's a bit scary at first but everywhere I've read said it's just as you said, muscles relaxing and stretching and stuff
silíní Posts: 4219
Yup i get this, i think loads of people do, i'd say it's just that the muscles are sensitive from being stretched..........
2calm Posts: 187
Me too. I found it a bit scary too, but it seems to be quiet normal thankfully.
Dootsay Posts: 958
Hi, I think this is v normal - I had numerous colds in my first trimester and I'd always try to hold my tum in time to sheild babs from the tornado. But I do think it's the muscles rather than your bump as babs is v protected in their amniotic bubble. *)
evenstar Posts: 367
Thanks a million for your replies! I have a head cold at the moment so I'm sneezing every few minutes! It's a relief to know it's normal :-) evenstar