Painful bowel movements

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Vogue Posts: 426
Hi Ladies, At 2am I awoke with excruciating pains in my very lower abdomen I thought something was really wrong but it turned out I had to go to the loo! It was like my bowel went in to a cramp if that makees sense? Has anyone had this and is it all part and parcel of what's to come?
Busy Mom Posts: 2910
Hi Vogue, i had this at nearly the same stage as you and have had it twice since. i actually went to the hospital the next day and they could find nothing wrong and its only when it happened the 2nd time i realised it was my bowels. i wasn't constipated at the time either. very strange. i think its just one of those things. i think the general rule of thumb is if the pain is constant, unbearable or accompanied by bleeding to go to the hospital.
fifi28 Posts: 481
i had this too early on. the first time it happened my dh was away on his stags so was on my own and had no idea what was going on it started off feeling like really bad af pains thought i was going to pass out it was so sore but turned out it was really down to constipation and the uterus stretching to make room for babs.
Vogue Posts: 426
Good to know I'm not alone then so! God the pain of it! The beads of sweat were rolling down my forehead with the pain. I hope it doesn't happen too often...
Wanna Bump Posts: 117
Vogue this happened to me in week 6 it wasn't as painful but it woke me up and I thought it was so weird that I had to go for a number 2 at 4am in the morning as never in my life have I ever been woken up with a cramp pain to go to a number 2 I thought I was going to explode if I didn't go :o0
Diamondz Posts: 2208
girls this is a bowel spasm!! I have had these regularly for years as a result of IBS - they are nothing to worry about, but are very painful!! (mind you try convincing a doctor of that fact!!). If you are constipated I would recommend putting a spoonful of linseeds on your cereal in the morning or into a pot of yoghurt and remember to keep drinking your water... HTH :thnk
smurf77 Posts: 2216
I had this early on in pregnancy too. Actimel helped me and drinking hot water and lemon. It hurts like hell though :o(