Painful crease at top of bump - constantly uncomfy. 23 wks

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babyluck Posts: 764
girls is anyone else suffering from this? at first I thought the underwire from my bra was pushing into the bump and kinda "bruising" me. but now wearing no wire and I am really feeling the muscles at top of bump are really really sore. I am guessing its streching muscles - but omg - this is so uncomfy. does it pass? thanks *)
Mumslove Posts: 528
Hi, I'm surprised you got no replies on this but around this stage on my first pregnancy I was getting pains around the rib area and going into my back. I had this for the rest of my pregnancy as it's due to baby and womb stretching as far as I know. I don't know if your feeling the same but what I did to get rid of it is lie on a pillow while sleeping on the side that was effected and also if it's effecting you during the day, some people say to raise your arms above your head for about 30 seconds or so and it should pass (if you experienced the same as me that is) Hope it all gets better soon :lvs
missust Posts: 370
i got it at about 18 weeks and still have it. hate to tell you but it only got worse. i tried everything i could think of but got no relief. it was very severe the day before yesterday and i could barely breath so i went to gp who sent me to hospital and dr there barely examined me and sent me home saying to drink gaviscon.sooooo annoying because i know its nothing to do with indegestion. O:| O:| hope yours goes quicker than mine. my mum keeps saying the only cure is the baby being born.....not nice to hear when you've 20 weeks to go i know. i cant give any advise i'm afraid coz pillows etc didnt work for me....can just offer sympathy
bride22 Posts: 359
Have had this on my last pregnancy from 20 wks until birth and again on this one. Its soo painful , they've said its stretching of the intercostal muscles under the ribs. most evenings after 6 i have no bra on at all!!!!
Joleigh Posts: 4242
I have it too. Cant wait to get in from work every day and get my bra off! My boobs are constantly hot too, like burning hot! And itchy. I just keep putting moisturiser on them.
babyluck Posts: 764
so I am not alone! I asked my cons yesterday at my appt and he said as you have just above that it is the musles strechting and particularly going up into the ribs I have to admit things were so bad there for a few days that I went BRALESS to work for 2 days!!! wore baggiest mat top and pretty much didn't leave my office!!! boobs so hot and itchy too! I find @some" relief when I gently massage the top of the crease ah well a small complaint in the grand scheme! *)