Painfull boobs after birth

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blossimhill Posts: 400
Hi all has anybody got any tips on how to ease the pain in boobs after giving birth, my baby is due in a week and am dreading the pain in boobs even more so than giving birth it lasted a week after last DS and it was terrible. Thanks in advance O-O O-O
theoracle Posts: 7664
You did not mention whether you BF-ed or whether you had mastitis? Is it just pain from engorgement, or did you have blocked milk ducts? The good news is that just because you were in pain last time doesn't mean you will be this time. Your body has changed with last pregnancy and you will probably have easier time this time around. Have a word with your consultant/midwife and see what they say. It is hard to offer advice not knowing the specifics!
blossimhill Posts: 400
Sorry hu101 for not being more specific no i was nor BF-ing it was just engorgment from about day 3 and it lasted a whole week even the tought of it now makes me cringe, most people i talk to says it lasts only 2 to 3 days and they dont seem to suffer 2 badly with it, so hopefully like u said it might not be 2 bad this time. Thanks
theoracle Posts: 7664
In that case use cold cabbage leaves, simply insert inside the bra or use cold compresses. Do not use hot shower ie avoid your boobs as heat/warm water will stimulate the milk flow, using cold water instead will stiffle the production. If you notice knots forming massage your breast gently to get the flow moving, this will probably get the milk flowing BUT will prevent mastitis which is the infection caused by blocked milk ducts which is a condition that is extremely painful - I wonder whether you had that and didn't pick up on it? I mention that just because the engorgement, whilst uncomfortable is generally not that painful. Good luck anyway, hope no trouble this time.
Mrs.slightly bonkers Posts: 3289
I know its sounds awful but try not touch them,Dont get them wet when you have your first shower,Try just clean your bottom half and even baby wipe your arm pits,I remember the pain and after having 4 kids i know this works.