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Daff Posts: 11644
I’m 35 weeks gone and having very weird pains – hope someone can advise. Baby seemed to literally drop last night! It was sitting really weird all afternoon yesterday, and I got DH to take a picture of my tummy (which will be inspected when I get home!). I had almighty pressure ‘down there’, well more like my bladder, having to go to the loo all the time even though there wasn’t much there (TMI!) Lots of CM too :-8 Anyway, went to bed and couldn’t get comfy at all. Still had the pressure. Then LO started moving, really moving, flapping all over the place and then felt like a sort of settlement, as if she had ‘clicked’ into something. That’s when I noticed that her legs weren’t up at my ribs anymore, and that her main body was more at belly button level. Her movements were also much lower, all around the belly button and lower, while before they were up at my ribs. Couldn’t sleep all night with the pressure of her on me lower down. I’d been getting tension like pains in my tummy all evening, and they are still here this morning. Nothing at all like I thought a contraction would be, or a BH. It’s like I need to relax my back and but have it all tense, and the tensions is coming in waves at the front of my tummy but not painful. Trying to keep an eye on how often etc but so busy in work I keep forgetting, they are regular enough though, every few minutes and are lasting about a minute (but again I’m not too sure as getting distracted by things here). Any advice? Surely it cant’ be anything to worry about when I’ve still over 4 weeks to go – or have I just jinxed myself?!!!
hipbaby Posts: 4530
Hi try not to worry too much, easier said than done I know. it sounds as though baba has dropped and it could be your pelvis having to adjust this is fairly common i think. It would also explain pain around your back. Have you done pregnancy yoga at all? One of the moves is called the figure of 8 and you can either do it on all fours or stand facing a wall and literally move your hips in a figure of 8 motion. it is very gentle and just helps things to settle. Of course if pain gets very sore or very uncomfortable I would call your doc just to make sure.
Daff Posts: 11644
Thanks Hipbaby, i'm laughing here thinking of getting up to do that against the wall in work - work in accounts and I bet none of them would even bat an eyelid! The pains in the tum have stopped, so it's just the back now. Definatley think that would work. GOign to sneak into the stationary cupboard now and try it :o0
mammak Posts: 489
Hi daffodil bride, It does sound like your baby had dropped alright, and your pelvis is trying to cope with it. However i would ring your maternity hospital, especially seen as the discharge etc is there. No harm done by ringing and they'll advise you what to do, HTH
Daff Posts: 11644
Thanks for the responses. It stopped after lunch. I've a hospital appointment tomorrow so will say it too consultant and see what he says thanks agian :thnk