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Ferdi Posts: 704
Hello Ladies, I have a quick question. Was at gyna last week and all was fine with little one and me. On Sat I had some pain - well more like stretching feeling in tummy - kind of like at the beginning of pregnancy. Suffering a bit of a cold and the mo and noticed after I'd blown my nose for Ireland (sorry to be so descriptive) that I had a drop of blood down below (sorry). Spent the whole day monitoring the situation and glad to say no more blood. The stretching pains continued all yesterday and seem to have eased up today. Anybody experienced anything similar? Still have morning sickness - always Monday to Friday - maybe little one doesn't like my job! Am due to fly home on Friday - hopefully all's well - will check with gyna again if symptoms continue - guess just hoping to hear that these stretching pains are normal.
grumpy Posts: 1280
Stretching pains like that are incredibly common in early pregnancy (and middle, and late!), and if they're just uncomfortable rather than painful, shouldn't be too much to worry about. I'm not sure about the blood though, but given that it was so little, could you possibly have cut yourself around the area, rather than it coming from your womb?
babe06 Posts: 898
I'm still getting pains like that and have done since pregnancy began. especilly at night. mine are very like af pains too and I can sometimes get that pulling/darging feeling. I'm just presuming there normal as I've no bleeding and all symtoms like sore boobs, tiredness and ms are still there. I'm exactly like you ms very bad Mon to Fri. I had but it down to getting out of bed earlier but maybe your right baby mustn't like my job! That would actually make sense I always feel worse when i'm teaching!
Ferdi Posts: 704
Thanks Ladies for your replies. Glad to hear that I'm not the only one with these pains. Much better today so will hold off before annoying the gyna. Will probably call her though before the week's out just to make sure it's still ok to fly. Well am off to lunch now and will try and enjoy a dish of pasta (:-)