pains in my boobies

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kittysue Posts: 1016
just sitting here in work.....and just had to release my bra..... I'm still wearing the underwire and just felt it really digging into me. I know I'm not suppose to be wearing Underwire....but I had a look in pennies...and the only ordinary bra they had was a big ugly sports one. Haven't looked anywhere else....but can anyone reccomend nice comfy ones.
Krusty Posts: 9
Hi Kittysue... why are you not supposed to be wearing underwired bra? Only 7 weeks gone but that is all I wear ever!
annabella Posts: 190
kittysue, i'm 15 weeks gone and went to M&S at weekend to get measured, gone from a 34c to 38 dd - huge boobs!! they do lovely comfy maternity bras, pack of 2 for 30euro - get them to measure you to make sure it fits properly. your not supposed to wear underwire as it damages the growing breast tissue apparently.
kittysue Posts: 1016
Thanks annabella.....,,wow.....hubbie must be pleased with your progress in the boobie department......that's a big jump. Krusty...I always wore underwire, just felt I had more support (not that I'm big by any means)......I'm not really loving them to-day though. I read somewhere that they're just not good while you're pregnant....
baby-bel Posts: 929
todays the first day Ive moved to the non underwired bra , tis a bit more comfortable alright, think it gives me pointy boobs though :eek :o0 :o0
jess08 Posts: 481
I went from a DD to an F cup!! and the only bras i found comfortable were those ugly sports bras. But I was very carefull to make sure that i was supported at all times (i even wore bra tops at night) and now that they are back to normal size my boobs havent sagged to much! And i bf my DS. So all you ladies who are getting bigger, get measured and make sure you can jump up and down in the new bra!!! :o0 :yelrotflmaosmilie: :o0
workingmom Posts: 3429
Do they measure you with your top on or off? I think I need to go get a new bra, not that I have huge boobs, but they are bigger and sore!
baby-bel Posts: 929
is there a difference between sports bras & maternity bras????????
sinion Posts: 6050
In my experience, they measure you in your bra. Not too much difference between sport and maternity, the only thing is maternity can still look nice whereas sports ones are generally tent sized!
jess08 Posts: 481
i found that with the maternity bras the straps were to thin and they didnt give me enough support. But then as i said i was an F cup!!! :o0 :o0 Try them both. And do get measured as you will be amazed by how much you have changed and will continue to change!!