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bizgunne Posts: 42
hi girls, Just wanted to see if any of you have experienced this. For the last couple of weeks when I'm walking I'm getting really bad pains in my pelvis and under my bump. Initially it wasn't too bad, but it's now getting to the stage where I dread having to walk too far anywhere because it hurts so much. I've been fairly active all through my pregnancy with no problems but I seem to have developed this problem only in the last 3-4 weeks. Have any of you experienced this before? I mentioned them to my doctor at my last visit and he said they could be pressure pains. They have gotten a lot worse since I saw him last. I'm due back at the hospital next week and will ask the consultant then but I'm just wondering has anyone else experienced these pains before or know what they're from. Thanks! :wv [img:1ipwzozq];19;11/st/20071213/dt/6/k/85db/preg.png[/img:1ipwzozq]
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Hi, i dont know if its the same or not. When i walk i get a sharp stitch like pain under my bump , its sort of at the top of my pubic bone (where hair starts :-8 ). Sometimes its not too bad and sometimes i have to stop dead in the street cos i cant walk any further with it. I find i get it easier if i need to pee, doc said its just ligament pain and nothing to worry about. A girl i work with had terrible pressure pains from about 36 weeks, she said she felt like the baby was going to fall out and she could feel the head between her legs. :eek
2006wedding Posts: 965
i think i know what you are talking about! i had them (low right hand side) on sat and sunday but thank god the pain seemed to be gone by monday although all this week i feel like theres something heavy pressing on me.. i began to panic when the pains first happened to me - just started when i got up from sitting for a while and the pain was unreal when i walked anywhere. According to my pregnancy book these are ligament stretching pains.(as NotLongToGo alreayd said) So far I havent had any serious pain since last weekend but a friend of mine gets it alot (she is due in nov) and finds it very painful to walk about much.. still its a good idea to ask again at your next appointment to be sure.
theoracle Posts: 7664
These pains most probably come from stretching of the pubic bone; in men this bone is fused together, in women it is not and the reason is to allow the pelvis to widen for the delivery of the baby, but this bone and ligaments will start stretching in late pregnancy in preparation for labour - that's mother nature for you! I enclose link where you can see the actual bone, I find it hard to expalin it properly!