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baby4me Posts: 455
hi girls DH started painting nursery today and ended up pulling his back i am tempted to finish it myself at the weekend. but thought id check is it ok to be around paint fumes??????????
tinyfairy Posts: 1536
Hey Baby4me, I'm not sure but I would imagine the fumes wouldn't be good for you or the babes. Maybe someone else has better advise... x
swissgirl Posts: 2301
Usually indoor paint is ok. What is dangerous are lead based paints which are usually outdoor paints. Many mums paint their nursery etc. - double check the tin that it is not lead based. x sg
nea dude Posts: 749
If your DH has pulled his back painitng, then you need to be extra careful. Why don't you enlist the help of a friend or family member? You can buy odorless paint; i don't remember the brand, although if you've started already it probably means you have the paint.
Purple Tulip Posts: 3442
i painted the nursery with my father, i did all the low bits so i wouldn't stretch to much, i found the fumes grand, take care if you decide to do it
MissieGold Posts: 1124
the paint cans have a VOC (volatile organic compound) rating on the sides. If it is low its fine but avoid solvent based paints (some primers adn glosses and varnishes). Try to avoid ladders and high bits if you can as your balance will be off if bump is big and you could fall. Be carefull. :thnk
tras Posts: 1460
My sister found that she got very dizzy and lightheaded when she was painting, I'd rather not risk it just in case (although I did paint a room when I was 6 weeks pregnant and blissfully unaware!!!!) If there's anyone who'd be willing to do it, that'd be great but if you feel up to it, I'm sure it's okay!!
mumof2 Posts: 3864
I painted the nursery myself (Dad finished it off but that was more from me getting lazy then anything else :-8 ) No problem at all just checked that there was no lead in the paint. In B & Q when I asked at check out they said that very little paint had lead in it now, it was something to be careful of years ago.
silíní Posts: 4219
I personally find that any kind of paint makes me very tired and woozy afterwards, so nope, i wouldnt do it! But if you do decide to do it, the previous posters have given very good advice, and also remember to keep all the windows open. They advise you to have good ventilation when using any kind of chemical products, such as cleaning products and nail varnish etc, when pregnant, so i guess the same goes for paint.
mags s Posts: 591
if u dont get woozy with the funes i am sure its ok..stay off ladders and exerting yourself too much and open a window/doors to keep the place well ventilated.