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snowbear Posts: 2107
wollysocks Posts: 1773
well- I don't usually wear foundation and I have a very pale complexion anyway but in the last week random people in work have been stopping to look at me in some kind of amazement/surprise to comment on how pale I look...yesterday the cleaning lady stopped and stared right at me and said "you are very very pale"...I laughed and said "you know me- I'm always pale"(true)...she kept looking at me as if I was hiding something or as if she didn't quite believe me! :o0 I was wondering myself if I'm even paler now I'm preggers(first trimester-nobody knows yet)- so maybe you're right...I haven't been sick or anything at all so it's not that.....more blush is called for methinks! :wv
Emomc Posts: 2069
I was the same-am very pale skinned and started to get v paranoid about how pale I must have been looking due to comments esp at work (especially in the early stages). I used it as an excuse to go out an treat myself to a new tinted moisturiser (Benefits Yourebel Lite). It made such a difference and I feel a lot better and no one has commented on my pastiness since. Incidentally I am now almost 32 weeks and my iron levels are perfect so it wasnt down to that. I also put on a little liquid blush too in mornings, and if the weather turns summery I will be reaching for the fake tan!