Palmers Cocoa butter

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tinyfeet Posts: 3482
I started using this & plan to use it every day to try & ward off the dreaded stretchmarks! Has anyone used it, the smell is kind of overpowering, kind of chocolatey, I can see myself going off it completely after a while!!
neeov Posts: 4256
I use it occasionally after a shower. It does smell strong but nice. Not sick of it yet at 32 weeks. I wish someone would make some moisturizer warmer for this weather, I hate putting cold moisturizer on the bump! No stretch marks yet though! Not sure if its the cocoa butter or luck, I have lots of stretch marks from growing as a teenager, so its not like I have resistant skin!
mooky Posts: 1501
wow, thats good to know Neeov - I got stretch marks on my hips as a teenager so I just presumed I get them during pregnancy! hopefully i'll be lucky like you. try warming the cream up in your hands before you slap it on to the bump - works for me. kindanervous - the palmers smell did get to me after a while - i'm now using Mothercare bumps and beyond cream.. smell is alot better!
tinyfeet Posts: 3482
Ya that is good to know because I also got some stretch marks as a teenager which are now barely visible & I’d prefer to keep them that way & not add to them!! I will keep slapping on the Palmers anyway until the time comes that the smell makes me wretch!! :o0 It is kind of yummy though, reminds me of melted chocolate!! Actually does anyone know if I can buy it online? I must google it because the one I got in Boots isn’t very big & it’s €7.30, quite expensive. Can’t wait to be rubbing it on an actual bump! I’m only 5 weeks gone now :-8