Paloma Blanca 3806 for sale:Reduced Price: €800 (€2,800 new)

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late Posts: 8
I'm selling a beautiful Paloma Blanca 3806 halter-neck lace dress, size 14 but altered to fit Irish size 12. Extra length of 3 3/4" added. I'm 5'11" and wore 3.5 " heels on the day. Dress was so comfortable and easy to wear. Dress is listed as champagne in colour but it's actually closer to ivory. I also have an ivory cathedral length veil to go with it. I paid €2,800 for the dress but would sell for €800. The dress has been professionally dry-cleaned and can be altered again to suit your own size and shape. If you have any questions please pm me. I'm in the Limerick area. Thanks. [url:2bfvmikd][/url:2bfvmikd] Enter 3806.
Mikee Posts: 19
Hi Late - i pm'd you :wv
mini mama Posts: 834
Hi late i hope you dont mind me contacting you with regard to the colour,i also have PB dress in champagne and like you i would consider it nearly to ivory,only prob is i bought an ivory lace bolero and ivory veil to match and they look so sister reckons when i have my tan etc on that it wont look too far off but i am worried now....i have a satin dolly bag in the same dupione silk(sp) as my dress and when i hold the bolero against it it looks very different...anyway did your ivory veil match yours perfectly??best ofl uck with the sale...hope it goes well cos its a fab dress...
soontobmrs Posts: 61
Hi Girls, I know this post is very old but just thought I'd ask. I am looking for a cathedral length veil for the PB 3806 in champagne ie ivory. I don't suppose you still have it??