Pamela Synge

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windycity Posts: 2241
Hi just wondering if anyone has any feedback on PS for working with a v windy baby? Thanks
Bluebear Posts: 1594
Don't have any personal experience of Pamela Synge but I do know she's considered one of the best oestopaths & meant to work wonders with babies.
Loudonn Posts: 21
I brought my son to see her when he was a couple of months old as I have having a lot of problems feeding him. He was drinking about an ounce every hour so I was spending the day feeding him. Also I couldn't bring him anywhere in the car as he would start screaming crying the second I set off. I only had two appointments, that's all she said he needed and he was like a new baby. turned out there was something wrong with his collarbone, arm, neck, throath. It explained why he was crying in the carseat, he was obviously in pain. The feeding got better and he started to lift his head more. I recommended her to a friend who's son had very bad reflux and he helped her little one no end. Hope that helps ;)