Panadol while Pregnant?

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Baby Mad Posts: 1756
Hi Pet. Please don't suffer with headaches. If you need to panadol, take them. I developed migrane in my pregnancy and have to go to hospital to have my blood pressure checked when I get one. They told me that its perfectly ok to Panadol (up to 6 a day) if needed and I've even been advised to take Solpadeine when I get one as panadol don't work. I've only taken two Solpadeine cause I don't like taking them but Panadol is very gentle on the stomach and won't harm your baby. Give your GP a phone if you're worried but I wouldn't suffer. Its not nice :o(
Baby bop Posts: 662
I was in the doctors yesterday with abdomen pains and she actually advice me to take Panadol as there safe to take when pregnant.
Poppit Posts: 2042
Yes i was given loads of panadol when i was in hospital; for the pains, to bring temp down. I kept refusing them at the beginning as i felt so guilty taking tablets. Then the doc sat with me and explained it is perfectly safe to take them thru pregnancy and it wont effect babs. My GP gave me the same talk recently.
mammybean Posts: 10364
I was on 6 panadol a day whe in hospital, i tried to refuse but they told me i needed them and they were perfectly safe. Please dont suffer its unnecessary
sinion Posts: 6050
yep, my doc told me the same, totally fine. Before pregnancy I've suffered very very badly with headaches, had a headache almost every single day for the last 10 years or so, he knew this and told me I was totally fine to take up to 6 a day if I needed. I actually didn't have any headaches for the first 12 weeks but now I have one every single day, same as you they're keeping me awake and I wake up and go to sleep with them. I try not to take too many either but there's absolutely no need to suffer! :xxx
poppy1 Posts: 596
hey i suffered with headaches in the early days then backpain after that - went to hosp and was told i could take panadol/paracetamol 2 every 6 hrs!! dont suffer if you dont have to!!