Panic - Need Shoes FAST!!

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ellieb Posts: 28
Hi girls :wv Need some advice on shoes.. I getting married early Oct, had first fitting 3 weeks ago and ended up getting some shoes off display in the shop, Im just thinking of comfort - Im 5'8" so I didnt want a high shoe but after bringing them home and trying them on tonight they are a bit frumpy, they are a closed toe, ankle strap and about 2 inches high but I dont feel sexy in them at all - my friend said start shopping as your wedding shoes shuld be lickable.. her words not mine.. Anyhow Im getting married in Spain and Ive my next fitting next Saturday so need to find shoes FAST......... Im a 7 so hopefully some shops have my size... Any recommendations??? TIA O-O
BusyDee Posts: 8527
Barratts have some nice ones!
Jane Smith Posts: 3158
Hi ellieb, Dune has a nice selection of wedding shoes. Moda-in-Pelle often has nice strappy sandals. If more budget conscious you may find something in Next. And for that little bit different try Schuh. If you are afraid of a frumpy look, my advice to you would be lose the ankle strap, I'd imagine this is what's causing it. It can just have a tendancey to make legs look shorter and stumpier than what theu actually are. If you feel you need an ankle strap then maybe you should go for more of a silver strappy sandal style. What about maybe something alomng these lines from Dune? [img:3vlfinal]$product$[/img:3vlfinal] Or for a bit more height, these ones, also from Dune: [img:3vlfinal][/img:3vlfinal] ... ds=wedding
ellieb Posts: 28
Jane Smith - THANK YOU - those too pairs are fab - and yes I can totally see what you mean about the strap... Cheers :)