panic!!! weight gain....10days til wedding

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aug2008 Posts: 140
girls need a good kicking !! getting married next friday no serious have put on half a stone in the last 2 weeks coz my aunt passed away and have turned to comfort food!!!! i really need to shift the excess weight fast,.....any advice please
sweet cheeks Posts: 1119
Lots of walking, cut of snacking, no bread, chips, pasta and cut way back on dairy especially cheese, butter. 3 meals a day and walk twice daily if you can, no problem to you. :wv
Anonymous Posts: 24542
drink lots of water, cut out red meat and bread, only eat pasta if u have to and don't eat after 6pm. Try to cut down on coffee and tea as well Best of luck on your big day xox
aug2008 Posts: 140
thanks girls that has made me think i can do it!!! just need to get on with it now!!! thanks again x
mrsjun08 Posts: 2299
Maybe have 1 or 2 of those body wraps, they're supposed to be good for losing inches! Eat lots of healthy stuff, fruit, veg, lots of water. I know that sounds obvious but even if you dont lose anything you'll still feel great for eating healthy foods. Most importantly enjoy the last part of the build up to the day! :wv
sucabo Posts: 324
Was just about to post similar!!! Weighed myself and pounds creeping back on!! 2 weeks to go.
FutureMrsL Posts: 231
I have had great success over the last 2 weeks with no carbs. Seriously, I was in the exact same boat, bit of comfort eating had thrown me off the rails. Follow this for one week and I promise you will see results. Breakfast- fruit Lunch- meat and veg (have your dinner during day, makes a big difference) Dinner- salad and meat of some kind. Snacks- fruit or non fat youghurt. Also went to gym 5 times during one of the weeks. I'm not joking the difference in my stomach was unreal and I'm a size 16! Now I was bad at the weekend, but I'm telling you as someone who was going to try lipotrim I was so desperate, I went home at the weekend and tried on my dress and for the first time since I bought it, it was actually loose! I promise you this will work, I cannot tell you the success I have had with it. Now you will be a bit tired but for the 2 weeks it is soooo worth it. Good luck :wv
LAdancer Posts: 445
Hi get one of those body contour wraps, not the fluid loss wraps. i got one on Sat and as well as noticing a difference and clothes being loose I have also lost a few pounds because I'm being 'good' on it. Exercise as well and cut out the alchol and that will get it off you xx
fifibelle Posts: 4447
FutureMrsL - your plan sounds great and not too restrictive! Best of luck Aug2008!
thisbliss Posts: 165
great advice there,good luck! :wv