Panicking- Blood

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chefmaid Posts: 2426
Sorry for tmi – just went to the loo and when I wipe there was some blood. Now is like when your period is coming to the end like old blood. Not bright red and only a tiny amount Don’t have any cramps or anything but back is a bit sore. What should I do, my hands are shacking writing this
fancypants Posts: 453
ok - try not to panic Sorry about this but Are you sure it was from your vagina - had you just done a poo and could it be rectal - sorry but that has happened to me lately due to constipation etc Have you had any scans yet - have they been happy with babies development in line with dates I think you should call your hospital just to put your own mind at ease - am sure it is all fine, but you won't relax until a doc/ scan etc tells you its ok. Hope all is ok - thinking of you FP
Emme Posts: 4735
Hi chefmaid, I agree, could be a number of harmless things happening but give your GP or hospital a tinkle. They'll probably scan you to be sure to be sure so you'll get to see the baby!
arsenal09 Posts: 286
hey, i had something similar at 11 weeks, best to call your hospital and go in straight away to their early pregnancy unit, they will scan you and put your mind at rest straight away. They thought mine at the time was a late implantation bleed (old blood) and it stopped after a day or so. best of luck.
chefmaid Posts: 2426
thanks girls. I am trying not to panic. Rang gp and going to her after work. Went to the loo again and its stopped so hopefully it was nothing. It was defo from my vagina..trying to stay calm
sunsparks Posts: 2196
Hi chefmaid, I had some bleeding from wks 13 - 18. Similar to what you described - older blood (most of the time) and stopped after each time. Chances are it's absolutely nothing to worry about - mine was a combination of polyps (harmless to baby) and a low placenta (which has now moved up) I agree with what the others have suggested. Ring your hospital and ask for a scan. Don't put it off if you're worried and think you're overreacting - I did and ended up going in anyway after a day or two. Better to go in and have the reassurance. Take care of yourself and try (it's impossible, I know) not to stress too much.
Emme Posts: 4735
chefmaid you might have a low lying placenta - is it more a brownish discharge than blood?
hopingforsoon Posts: 1152
It could be any number of things so please please don't panic. Just ring your doctor / hospital and arrange an early scan. I had bleeding at 13 weeks, which was from a low lying placenta. It went on for a week and all I was advised to do was to rest and take things very easy. It is also possible to have a bit of bleeding from a urinary infection, which might explain the pain in your back. Just make that call, and put the legs up then until your scan. Stressing and worrying now will not do you or the babs any good so try to relax. It sounds like old blood, and we are always told if it's red and / or you have cramps, thats when you start worrying.
chefmaid Posts: 2426
its deo brownish discharge and not red blood. Going to ask my boss can i leave when he gets back from lunch as i cant sit here...I am trying not to over-react but its so not easy
newbie24 Posts: 530
Hi Chefmaid I agree with all the other girls posts... I had a bright red bleed at 13 weeks and then a brownish bleed at 14 weeks, which was classed as an 'old' bleed which might have been caused by having a low-lying placenta. Definitely worth getting it checked out for your own peace of mind... Usually if there's any mis-carrying happening, you'll have cramping in your stomach and the blood is bright red. Let us know how you get on. thinking of u.