Panicking!!! Noise restrictions at alba suites??

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Gingerdamsel Posts: 2
Hi fellow algarve brides I booked the alba suites to hold my wedding next year and was so looking forward to the big day I got today an email from my wedding planner saying the venue doesn’t allow music after midnight anymore!!! We have paid a deposit and can’t pull back now OMG starting to panic !!!! does anyone of yous knew or heard about this??? we were so looking forward to our big day and now it's like a nightmare!! already sent invites and was hoping for everyone to have a great day with us and most of all a late party and i have a band and dj booked as well!! how can i tell everyone it's only till midnight now!!! :weep :weep :weep :weep :weep :weep  
BrideAbroad2017 Posts: 23
Do they not allow any music at all? If you've signed a contract that didn't state that and they've changed their policy then surely you can get your money back as it is technically not what you paid the deposit for? If you've already sent invites though I don't know if that it a solution. I'd definitely be arguing with them though as this is not what was discussed or agreed on at the time of booking.
CasualBride Posts: 574
I agree with BrideAbroad - that's entirely different to what you signed up for, and I wouldn't be settling for them changing the rules without a fight. I know it's hassle you don't want, but this is no time to be a shrinking violet, bridezilla has to make an appearance!! That's really unfair of them. Maybe do a bit of research with other venues so that you can go back to your hotel armed with your information: so-and-so will happily host my wedding and allow us to play music til 2am, so I would like my money back now please" and see what they say.. good luck!!
Dream Day Algarve Wedding Planners Posts: 37
Dear Ginger, As a Wedding Planner from the Algarve, I must say that I am preaty sure your WP can take care of that for you and have that battle herself :-) If you booked the venue under certain conditions, I am sure they can offer some solution or open an exception for you xx Ines
Gingerdamsel Posts: 2
We haven’t signed a contract and were happy with the venue never thought there would be any hassle on the day now the wedding planner informed us the alba suites only allows music up till 12 it seems they have difficulty in getting a license from the townhall dont know if the venue can do much about it as it's beyond their powers the wp told us we still can play IPod music through their speakers after 12 but has to be on very low volume and room needs to clear by 1am :eek :eek outrageous !!! previously when we booked the venue all seemed to fall into place was never a problem regarding sound and now it’s a nightmare, if I hadn’t paid that deposit and sent does invites yet I’d definitely change venue!!! I am absolutely shattered !! although the wedding planner is doing everything she can to accommodate us. I know it’s not her fault O:| O:| Let me know if any of you have also booked this venue and are experiencing the same?? maybe with more we can make a difference, thanks for all your kind words :xxx    
btb18 Posts: 5
Hi, I am booking here too!! I was wondering about the restrictions. Our wedding planner told us there would not be an issue. How did it work out for you? Thanks :)
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