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leinster girl Posts: 29
Hi girls - I was wondering if any of you saw the Panorama Show last night - really freaked me out! I e mailed this Forum a while ago cos i thought I was pregnant and then found out I wasnt - was a wee bit dissapointed. Since then myself and my husband have had a few serious chats and have agreed to start TTC soon. Only prob is we are heading off to Africa this xmas on hols for 3 weeks and decided that it would prob be best to strat after we came back due to the fact that we would be taking malaria medication and if i got pregnant before we went - it wouldnt really be a great idea travelling around pretty undeveloped countries in the ealry stages of pregnancy! However, waching the Panorama show last night kind of freaked me - the fertility expert said that women should really be trying from their early 30's. Well Im 33 and wondering should I really be delaying things for another 6 months or should I really just be goinig for gold as it is unlikely that I would conceive straight off anyway----------confused!!! by the way what the hell does AF mean - sorry for my iognorance - but keep seeing it on other posts.
AislinnS Posts: 1253
AF is Auntie Flo, otherwise known as a period. Personally I'd hold on if I was planning a big trip to Africa, given that you'll possibly need vaccines, and the anti-malaria meds can make you feel very ill, which is not something I'd like to deal with on top of morning sickness. It's also the food and water factor. A lot of people who travel to Africa end up with tummy upsets and the like, because of the massive dietary change or because of little bugs that they pick up. Travel is also not advised at certain stages of pregnancy, which is something else to bear in mind before going for gold :) I don't mean to put you off at all. If you want to try, go ahead and try! They're just a few points to bear in mind is all.
mila Posts: 698
[quote:d2hgtsnj]However, waching the Panorama show last night kind of freaked me - the fertility expert said that women should really be trying from their early 30's. Well Im 33 and wondering should I really be delaying things for another 6 months or should I really just be goinig for gold as it is unlikely that I would conceive straight off anyway----------confused!!![/quote:d2hgtsnj] I'm afraid that I didn't see the show, but all I'd say is that there's a big difference between trying when you're 30 and trying when you're 40. This shows how fertility declines with advancing maternal age - it shows the chances of conception in a year of trying, for women with normal reproductive health: [img:d2hgtsnj][/img:d2hgtsnj] As you can see, it chances decrease sharply after 40. Only you know what's best - if you have a healthy reproductive system and cycle, etc., then there should be no reason you can't conceive in 6 months time. It might take a little longer, or it might not, but there's loads of women having healthy first children at that age. [quote:d2hgtsnj]by the way what the hell does AF mean - sorry for my iognorance - but keep seeing it on other posts.[/quote:d2hgtsnj] Aunt Flo' (Aunt Flow - your period). :wink:
Nad1678 Posts: 16
Hi, I was talking to a friend of mine who is going to Nigeria next month and was told not to get pregnant for 3 months after holiday not sure if it is because unborn child is effected by vaccine or that it is not immune to disease. But her doc was adamant. Don't know anything about this just thought i would pass on what she was told!
Roni Posts: 70
Hi, Great to hear you are off to Africa, i was in Africa in september for our honeymoon for three weeks, really brilliant, we got our vaccinations and were told not to get pregnant for 4 weeks after getting them. Anyhow, im 28.5 years old. Got pregnant in november, had a miscarriage in march at 16.5 weeks. Still trying to conceive since march. I saw that Panorama programme last night, it freaked me out, i really want to get pregnant now cos i do intend on having a second child too and always wanted them before i was thirty but it doesnt happen that easy. My advice to you would be; if you want to get pregnant, do try straight after your holiday cos you dont always get pregnant immediately and you dont know these things til you try to conceive. Wishing you the best of luck in whatever you decide to do.
leinster girl Posts: 29
Thanks girls for your replies. I decided to bite the bullet yesterday and go and see my gp. I had to get a typhoid shot and decisded it would be a good time to discuss things generally with her. She basically advised that you cant take malaria drugs and get pregnant at the same time. Basically for Africa there are 3 types of malarial drugs - malarone, doxycyclene and larium. Larium is dodge anyway cos it can make you psychotic, doxcy affects the bones and teeth formation in a foetus and malarone has not been tested on pregnant women - nor is it likely to. She basically advised that I should wait until I come back from Africa in jan - give myself a week or two break to ensure my system is clear from the drugs and then start trying. She also said that i should strart taking folic acid from about Nov as you are advised to take it 3 months before you start conceiving. So I guess I will have to wait until jan until going for gold. Re: the age issue she said not to be worrying as the average age in ireland for 1st time pregnancy is 30 and 9 months so at 33 Im not old at all and should have plenty of time. One thing she did suggest is that i should have a blood test to check my rubella vaccinne is ok - have any of you done this - I remember getting it when I was 12 - but apparently it doenst always work - is this a big issue? also wondering if any of you have been on the pill for a long time and then come off it - does it take long for your cycle to regularise? oh by the way thanks for clarifying what AF means - have never heard that one !
Sparklymum Posts: 1563
I'm 37 and was trying 4 months. The rate of fertility may go down but its a fact in ireland more people are starting their families in their late 30's and early forties than ten years ago. Go enjoy your trip to Africa, start your folic acid in november and don't forget to keep a diary of that trip to tell your child about some day in the future!
Cowslip Posts: 761
We are just starting ttc this month. I had a test done for rubella to make sure I was till covered, and it came back that I was. The doctor also wanted to take blood to make sure of my blood group and my husbands. I think this is because I am O negative, I know I am O negative but she wanted to make sure. There is the whole developing anti-bodies against a second baby issue if my first babies blood is positive......
sally Posts: 1140
Best of luck with it lenister girl and enjoy your hol. Rubella is a shot you get when your about 7 to protect against german measles. Most people will be immune from then but in some people it doesnt work so for those people a booster will be given and then you should be good to start TTC 3 months after that. Youll prob be immune so i wouldnt worry. God all ye're doctors sound great, mine told me not to bother with folic acid until Im pregnant and didnt ask to take bloods for anything. Thankfully I work in a hospital so have been tested for rubella and am taking folic acid anyway just to be safe. Think its time to get a new doc.
kirsten Posts: 146
Glad you decided to wait until after your big trip, it makes so much sense. A few more months is not going to make a difference and sure you're only a youngster! I was on the pill for about 10 years on and off. Came off it last August because I had a feeling I might have been about to get broody. Periods came back like clockwork. I didn't want to get pregnant just then but wanted off the pill so I read the book Taking Charge of Your fertility. I started charting my temps (not hugely successfully) and using other precautions when I though I might be ovulating. Decided in December to start trying, conceived on first and only attempt. Unfortunately it ended in a m/c but then conceived again about a week after my period came back (it came back pretty quickly after the m/c). Hadn't planned it all to happen so fast but it did and I'm glad now. Going for my 18 wk scan tonight. I'm 31 btw so similar age to yourself. I know it takes a lot of people a lot longer and after being on the pill it can take a while to get your cycles back to normal but we were just very lucky and just wanted you to know it's not all doom and gloom once you hit 30. I did have the rubella test done a couple of years ago to check I was still immune. Also I believe they can do a chicken pox one too if you haven't had it but I'm not sure if they only do that when you are pregnant. I had dodgy smears so had to have laser done and then wait for a clear smear test before even thinking about babies so the GP said to stay on the pill until the coast was clear. The one thing the GP did say to me was to be extra careful if we were going anywhere exotic on honeymoon because there's a fair chance of a dodgy tummy and the pill not working as a result. And she said to start taking the folic acid before trying. Good Luck!