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LFC28 Posts: 2
Hi, I am a ftm and was wondering if anyone knows of any parent & baby groups in the Swords or surrounding areas? Thanks
ReginaFalange Posts: 10290
Hi there I'd be interested in this too!!
LFC28 Posts: 2
Hey, not much happening in Swords! do u live in Swords, how old is ur lo?
mommy bear Posts: 289
Hiya, There used to be one in St Colmcilles GAA on a Tuesday morning but it's gone now. Try the Health Centre/PHN they might have more details. I think there is one that all the mammies take turns to have it in their house. There's a group Fridays in the Malahide Rugby Club on the Estuary, not too far from Swords HTH
Gingham Posts: 3014
There is a real lack of parent and toddler groups in swords... There is one in the kinsealy parish hall on Monday mornings I think but its quite a small prefab so not sure if you can just arrive...i think it was a group that was run in peoples houses but they moved to the parish hall for more space... I was hoping to try the humpty dumpty group that is run by cuidiu in colmcilles on tuesday mornings so am dissappointed to hear it is gone..
Aokki Posts: 1
Hi there The cuidui parent and toddler group now meets in the Scout Hall on a Tuesday its located just across from the Fire Station, however next Tuesday 26th is the last week until September, the coffee morning in St Finians is on a Thursday but again this is finishing up for the summer next week
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Calm sea Posts: 247
I live in Swords and have a LO that loves other LO and the interaction. I was also disappointed when I contacted health centres and PHN to see if there was any parent and toddler groups to find that there was none?? You would imagine with Swords been such a busy Village and one of the fastest growing suburbs in the country that we lack this support group and sence of interaction in our community. Maybe I should get up and approach some Gaa hall/parish centre and see could I start one?? Is there much interest in Swords for one do you think??
fildy Posts: 126
Hi was just searching this topic and was wondering if anyone knows of a mammy and baby group in swords or nearby? I'm a first time mum and need to get out of the house with my six week old and would love to meet up with other mums in my area :)
Bluebear Posts: 1594
Congrats on your new arrival! There's not a whole lot in Swords considering the recent baby boom. Cuidiu run a group every Tuesday morning at 10am in the Scouts Den on Balheary Road. There's also a Little Pips Parent & Toddler Group in Applewood Community Centre Thursday mornings from 10-12. I hope to check it out in the next few weeks. When your little one is 6 months plus there's Gymboree in Airside- bit pricy but lots of fun! I try to get out as much as possible, not always easy with a new baby & toddler but if you fancy meeting for a coffee in Pavillions or a walk just shout!
lindylou79 Posts: 1
Hi! I am also a first time mother to a 7 week old girl. I'm living in swords if you are interested in meeting up