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dandeloin Posts: 376
Morning Ladies, hope you might be able to help me out please: my ML officially ends mid April but I have annual leave days to take in work after that (approx 4 weeks worth:-) I have yet to agree a return date with my manager but now that we're looking at childcare options, I think I'd really like to take some parental leave - either a block of time off or perhaps going back to work doing 4 days a week. I just don't know how to approach this with my boss... should I make a decision with my DH about this first, then talk to my boss...and he could tell me that they won't give me the extra time off, or shoud I approach my boss first and see what he's open to before making decsions with my DH (its a big decision to mak in terms of me not having any money coming in while on the time off). I don't get paid from my job while on ML so its not like I've cost them any money for the 6 months off, but my boss can be hard to take at times so just don't know which would be best... Any advice would be appreciated O:o) Also, maybe I'm wrong but I think I read here a while back that you have to to take the annual leave days straight after ML before starting the parental leave - is that correct? Have to admit, I have no idea about tax "stuff" :-8 so once again, would appreicate any tips you could provide. Just can't bear the thoughts of handing my precious 6 month old DS (as he will be by the time Im due to go back to work) over to a stranger to mind him..... :thnk
kala Posts: 1937
dandelion you are prob mixing up parental leave with unpaid leave- after your 26 weeks mat leave you are entitled to 16 weeks unpaid leave- you can take as much or as little of the 16 weeks you want- it must follow your mat leave before you take any of your annual leave. parental leave is where you can take an additional 14 weeks unpaid up to i think a child is 8 years. this is agreed between you and your employer what way you can take it- in my company for example we can only take it in blocks of 7 weeks- most employers agree it as 1 day a week. hth
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
If it's unpaid maternity leave you are talking about, then you can take up to 16 weeks but has to be taken in one block (can't be taken one day a week) and as kala has said you have to take this imediately after your maternity leave and then you take your annual leave. Remember also you are entitled to annual leave for any bank holidays that occured was during maternity leave and you additional unpaid mat leave and parental leave. Editted to add, if is the unpaid maternity leave you are talking about, it's up to you (not your employer) how much or little of this you take.
dandeloin Posts: 376
Hi Ladies, oops yes I was confused, sorry. Its the unpaid maternity leave I meant. I was getting muddled up. So I can take 16 extra weeks... can I still accrue annual leave days from work when I'm off, ie will I still be entitled to my usual annual leave days allowance(for the full year) plus any bank holidays that fall during that time when I'm off? That's interesting that you must take it in a block.. some of the girls in work are back doing 4 day weeks so I thought it was an option. Also, should I only be taxed a minimal amount on my salary when I do go back to work regardless of whether I go back after the 26 weeks or after the 26 + 16 weeks, until I earn enough to be taxed at the usual rate (if that makes sense..)? Ooohhh I' m so confused :-8
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
[i:3vgjaupg][b:3vgjaupg]time spent on maternity leave (including additional maternity leave) is treated as though you have been in employment, and this time can be used to accumulate annual leave and public holiday entitlement[/b:3vgjaupg][/i:3vgjaupg] Copied from Citizen information website Your tax credit should be spread over year (so if you go back in May, they will be spread evenly over the 8 months). [quote="dandeloin":3vgjaupg]some of the girls in work are back doing 4 day weeks so I thought it was an option.[/quote:3vgjaupg] They must be taking parental leave. Or prehaps they are using holidays from previous year as alot of people do this.
expecting no3 Posts: 623
Hi Dandeloin, After your paid maternity leave ends you are entitled to take a further 16 weeks unpaid maternity leave. You must give your employer 4 weeks notice of your intention to take the additional 16 weeks. You will still continue to accrue annual leave and any public hols that fall over the 16 weeks. You have to take all the maternity leave both paid and unpaid all together ie you cannot finish your paid leave then take your hols and then take the additional unpaid maternity leave. So if you are due to finish your paid maternity leave in mid April taking the additional 16 wks will take you up to say mid August. you can then take all your annual leave of 4 weeks and then your public hols which should be around 10 days approx if you take all the 42 wks. So in total you could have 48 wks off. This is what I did. I took all the time I could and was due back in Nov '10. I then emailed my employers to enquire about using my parental leave to work half days but they were having none of it. You would have a better chance of securing it than i did since as you say others are doing this. The best my employers could offer me was 3wks on and one wk off which i thought would be confusing for my little fella and since I was still breastfeeding i opted to take the whole 14 wks in one block. I am due back to work in March when my DS will be 14 mths. In the meantime ive been looking for a job closer to home so hopefully I wont have to return to my old job as its quite a distance away from where i live. Also just to add you also accrue annual leave and public hols while on parental leave. HTH
dandeloin Posts: 376
Hi, thanks again for all of your replies. And what happens to your PRSI contributions etc? God forbid if I was ever let go from my job and needed to sign on for Social Welfare, would the unpaid maternity leave effect this? :thnk
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
[i:2wybccgb][b:2wybccgb]PRSI contributions: you will automatically be awarded PRSI credits while you are getting Maternity Benefit. If you avail of unpaid additional maternity leave you must get your employer to complete an application form for maternity leave credits after you return to work.[/b:2wybccgb][/i:2wybccgb] This is from Citizen information website.
dandeloin Posts: 376
thank you :thnk