Parents shaking hands to welcome guests?

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SGirl Posts: 2542
My Mum was at a wedding where the MOB and FOB shook hands and welcomed the guests while they entered the ballroom for dinner.... Has anyone ever seen this, or is it the norm? Do all the parents ie MOB, FOB, MOG and FOG do this? Thanks
Biancee fiancee Posts: 907
I have never seen/heard of this being done..I know my folks wouldnt go for it anyway!! It would take ages anyway so dont think it will be a runner for me...
Tic Toc Croc Posts: 3710
I have never heard of this or seen it done either
ciarat Posts: 89
I have been to a few weddings in England where this is the norm - and it includes the chief bridesmaid and best man. it does take awhile. But then the couple didn't wait for guests at the end of the church. i have been to one wedding in ireland where it was done but it was done at the back of the church - again included parents and bridal party. but i don't think it is the norm here. we are saying hi to everyone at the church door - it seems to be the most common here
Betsy May Posts: 2168
It called a receiving line and it's very common. It does take a while but it means you and your parents can greet all of the guests. Normally it's brides parents, bride, groom and grooms parents (BM and CBM if you really want but not the norm). Everyone just shakes hands/kisses, says something brief and shuffles along. Helpful if people have a drink in their hand, particularly if it's a long line. Some people do this on the way out of the church (but obviously without the drink). I am doing one and allowing about 30 minutes for it.