Paris hotels with swimming pools

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happywife Posts: 1575
Hi there A friend of mine is looking to stay in Paris for a few days with the kids - just wondering if anybody knows if there are any central hotels in Paris that have pools Thanks :wink:
rio Posts: 995
i think the holiday inn hotel have swimming pool in paris, you'll need to google it.
Bumpalicious Posts: 512
Hi there, I used to live in Paris and to the best of my knowledge no central hotels have pools for the simple reason that there just isn't space..I would imagine she would have to get somewhere out of the city to get a pool. Sorry!
Vic Titious Posts: 518
"Ohhhh Champs Elysee"..... Here you go! ... ocument&fs If they stay near they Disney resort there's tons for the kids to do there and it's not too far from the city centre of Pareeeee :D HTH