Parking Meters @ Holles Street

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mandibee Posts: 305
Hi Girlies Just a little question, does anyone know how much the parking meters cost per hour outside Holles Street. I am getting change together (€1's & €2's) to bring with us on D Day :o0 but its hard to know how much we'll need. Can any Holles Street mums shine some light on this?? All suggestions welcome!!!! Thanks a mil x :wv
fifibelle Posts: 4447
EUR 2.90 per hour but there is a small car park beside the registry office on Grand Canal Street (5 min walk) that charges EUR 8.00 for the whole day so that might be worth checking out. :wv
mandibee Posts: 305
Thanks for that fifbelle.. Jesus €2.90 an hour? Thats gas!! Might just charter a helicopter to drop me to the door... Could work out cheaper :o0
Daff Posts: 11644
you'd spend a fortune parking there! I went to the bank a few weeks before hand and got 2 bags of €1 coins and they were all gone - and I was home when DD was 19 hours old! :ooh
blondelle58 Posts: 217
You can get a sticker on and top it up by laser with your mobile. Save ye running out to top up.
MeSB Posts: 3785
mandibee Posts: 305
Thanks for all your replies girls. Ill look into all your ideas! :thnk
bunnybride Posts: 18
Parking zone is great. You get a text 10 mins before you time is up incase you need to stay longer and top up either by ringing or texting. Also between now and xmas, they are trying to get more people into the city so they have reduced the parking price in prime areas or the yellow zone which is holles street to 1.60 or 1.90 euro. It is worth joining and cuts out the messing with coins.
Ochre Posts: 877
If you are with Aviva, you can claim back up to €50 of costs incurred around the time of giving birth, like parking, meals etc. So keep your parking tickets for your claim!