Parking/Transporting wedding cake - Ann's Bakery

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hellojed Posts: 190
Hi everyone We've ordered our wedding cake from Ann's Bakery on Mary's Street. They don't offer a delivery service so we're going to transport it to the reception venue ourselves. Luckily it's less than a mile from the reception venue! I'm wondering if anyone has used Ann's Bakery for their wedding cake, if so where did you park? I don't want to be carrying the cake too far to the car. Or if anyone is familiar with the parking situation around there (I don't own a car so I haven't a clue about the perils of city centre parking!) Also to those of you who have transported wedding cakes before - any suggestions? Thanks a million! :wv
Sparklymum Posts: 1563
You can drive up Mary Street to do deliveries or collections till a certain time in the morning, if you ring the Bakery itself, they are bound to have arrangements for picking up cakes.
hellojed Posts: 190
Sparklymum I wasn't aware of that, that's really helpful. We're picking it up quite early in the morning so that's ideal.