Parma ham-forbidden food?!

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cluckychick Posts: 26
Hi, I'm 16 weeks pregnant and have just found out that I shouldn't be eating parma ham. I thought it was ok because it was smoked. Am after eating twice - I'd say about 5 or 6 thin up the walls now. Could I have harmed the baby?
chocaddict Posts: 344
Hi cluckychick, I know some health advisors say not to eat smoked meats. To be honest, I haven't cut back on my smoked salmon or parma ham consumption,and I still eat Sushi (fav food) which is probably worse as its not even smoked. I suppose to be on the safe side you should avoid it, but I find my inner devil reasoning that the Japanese are the healthiest people in the world and pregnant women there eat Sushi. Maybe if you have a delicate constitution/prone to tummy upsets you should avoid. Must say I've a stomach like a horse, takes alot to upset it, and baby is doing fine too
theoracle Posts: 7664
I have been indulging in the black forest ham every week - it is the less salty version of parma ham. I love it. Also occasionally have smoked salmon. Eating these things does not automatically harm the baby. The concern is infection w listeria, but risk is v low. I would only eat food from trusted sources though! In short, don't worry, you wouldn't have harmed the baby by eating few slices.
pattie Posts: 2379
Yes you should avoid it I'm afraid, unless you're cooking it like on a pizza or something. Basically the smoking process should kill any toxoplasmosis but just in case they say to avoid it. Even if there were toxoplasmosis present in it it's very unlikely to be passed to the baby early in pregnancy, it's more likely later on as the placenta. And 70% of people are immune to it anyway. I ate loads of stuff I shouldn't have in the first trimester so don't worry!