Passport Application Stolen?

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Everlong Posts: 119
Hey girls I posted my passport application with my recently expired passport in the GPO on Monday 11th of July and have heard NOTHING since. I thought it would only take 4 or so weeks to be sent out a new one and had booked a holiday for the end of last week which i've now had to cancel. I only realised after I sent my form off that I was supposed to record the application number at the top of the form, so I don't even have a reference number to try and trace O:| O:| O:| . Does anyone know if this is the normal processing time for new passports? I'm a little worried my application with current passport have been stolen/lost. As far as I can see the payment has not been taken from my account. Any advice would be much appreciated!
Chocolatebuttons Posts: 369
I would try ringing the passport office, its highly unlikely its been stolen or lost. I've heard of passports taking much longer than 4 weeks but depends on any number of things. I'd call them to try and sort it out either way.
maryalice1 Posts: 268
did you send the passport application by express post? If not then it could take up to 10 weeks . I applied for my DS passport earlier this year and forgot to put the application number on. I called the passport office a number of times to check the status of the application and it wasn't until 3 weeks later that they had the passport details in the system. I was still informed it would take another 3/4 weeks until it was processed.
pauline722 Posts: 323
I think it took 7 weeks for my passport. And like you I forgot to write down the number so I couldnt track it. Ill remember for again to to the passport express as others I know had theirs in ten days.