Passport in married name for honeymoon

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Grunge Bride Posts: 2529
Hi girls My passport expires next month - I'm not going anywhere until the honeymoon in Feb though. There seems no point in getting a new passport next month and then changing it in Feb so I was going to wait. But how do people get a passport in their married name in time for their honeymoon....or do they generally not bother? i.e. do I have no choice but to get a new passport in my maiden name in time for the honeymoon, and only change it after the honeymoon? Is it impossible to go on honeymoon with your passport in your married name/ I'd like to start off the next 10 years and new passport with my new name!
Toblerone Posts: 2698
Hi Grunge Bride, i believe the majority of newly married brides head off on their honeymoon with their old passports and tickets booked in their maiden name. To change your passport you need your marriage cert and most people won't have got this before they head away. on it says "A passport may be issued in the married name of an applicant if a civil marriage certificate is produced." HTH :wv
surprisebride Posts: 98
Hi There I had the same problem but was going away last month so had to pay the 70 euro to get the new one. I believe you have to pay again the full amount to change it over to your Married name. Is sill alright but you defo can't get the new passport until you are married as far as I know anyway O:|
Mama2 Posts: 1230
I've looked into this too as my passport is up in May and when I'm travelling in Feb I won't have the required 6 months left on it. You definitely can't get a passport in your married name before the wedding. Apparently a few years ago they allowed it to be changed before hand but they have tightened up on this now. So unfortunately you'll have to pay out for 2 passports if you want one in your married name.
MrsOBrien1412 Posts: 3971
[color=indigo:2j6zabib]Hi, My passport expired in August of last year and honeymoon was in December, just got a form signed by the garda (the one you need for a new passport) and a letter from our priest confirming we were getting married sent it off to Passport express and had it back 10 days later so went on honeymoon as Mrs O'Brien (don't forget tickets and passport need to be in the same name) !! if in doubt give the passport office a ring they were brill when I rang them last year ! [/color:2j6zabib]
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Hi girls, Just been onto the passport office about this before i came online. My passport valid till march 08, getting married at xmas and heading to usa on HM, passport needs to be valid for 6mths after i get to usa. My problem is that if i renew passport now in my maiden name i'll need to get another one when i return from HM. Asked in passport office, I need to get new passport now in maiden name @ 75euro as airline tickets booked in maiden name. Then on my return i need to get a new passport again @ 75euro in my new married name, its crazy O: O:| O:| O:|
1st Timer Posts: 38
I was told by a friend who got married in the summer that she got her new passport in her married name for her honeymoon by sending in the application along with a letter from her priest. As my passport expires in May and I'm getting married in March, I needed to get a new one for our honeymoon. I went ahead and booked our honeymoon in my married name assuming all was ok. Just read the posts above and got completely freaked out! I called the passport office and it was confirmed to me that it is possible. :o)ll