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Sodapop Posts: 3220
Is anyone else effected by the Passport Office STrike/Go Slow?!?! H2B sent application 1 April and we haven't heard a word back (it takes 6 weeks but its going on 8 weeks at this stage) so went to the office itself and was told it will take 10 weeks - he needs to fly out next week and he was told and I quote "I've told many people they wont be flying out when they planned and I'm telling you the same thing" - THAT'S IT! They dont do emergency passports at all - only if someone is seriously ill. Cant' believe they get away with this!! There were other people there crying and some were screaming. It shouldn't be allowable! Absolutely shocking!!! Nevermind that we need his passport to apply for our Wedding Certificates (abroad wedding) by 27 May - that's not going to happen now either!!! We sent it in plenty of time also (8 weeks before hand really!) O:| :eek
LeonardandPenny Posts: 2684
Is it a new thing they aren't doing emergency passports? I know this may be extreme but I would certainly get onto your local TD if you cannot get any other help from the passport office themselves. Did you happen to take the name of the person you dealt with in the passport office.
Sodapop Posts: 3220
H2B dealt with 4 different people and didn't get the names. They were really unhelpful. They are not issuing emergency passports for any reason other than illness/medical/death or welfare of a person. They clearly stated this - people were there with their tickets but they still didn't budge! They dont consider going on holiday important - they were not interested in the wedding Certificates either. People were there with small children looking for their passports and they were told NO also. It's got really bad in there. They were turning away business people also. It's actually unbelievable this is allowed to happen! And some people were really causing a scene and still it did nothing for them. (I went in one day and H2B went in the next).....
Ms Gilbert Posts: 322
We sent my H2B passport application in on 06 April and we got it back last Monday 14 May. I e-mailed them the Thursday before (there was a query link on their website) and they e-mailed me on Saturday to say that they had sent it in the post on Friday. Maybe you could try that :wv
Rocksie80 Posts: 4045
That's a pain, need to get a new one myself! Better get on to it. Fairy21, if he sent it in on April 1st, that was the Easter weekend wasn't it? So allowing for the bank hol it may have been Tues 6th before they got it? Which is 6 weeks ago today, so it's not really late as yet. Maybe (hopefully) it's on its way? :thnk
Sodapop Posts: 3220
Thanks for being postive! They said 6 weeks at the time we posetd and now they are saying allow for 10 weeks!! They can't say where in the pile his application is at - they referred to it as "in the pile" and cant give any more details >:o(
farrellandchase Posts: 557
I sent my passport by registered post on March 26th and saw that it was received in the system March 30th. There was no change by early last week so I rang, the man I was speaking with said it was now 10 weeks however he would note my application that it was needed asap. The next day I looked it up again and it was on it's way. I received it within two days. I would get him to call again and be really nice and polite on the phone (I think it's the only way they will listen), is there any way you can help me, it really is urgent etc. hopefully they'll be able to get it out in time. Best of luck, Pamela
bubblybride2010 Posts: 1490
straight on the phone to your local politican i say!!! no harm trying
Master11 Posts: 2
Fairy21 , did he send it in by Passport Express, I sent mine in by passport by Passport Express and was told 15 to 20 working days and sure enough I had it the day after the 20th working day
ohsomarried Posts: 242
Hi fairy I sent mine in by passport express - even though they were not able to guarantee they 2 weeks, i got mine back today and it only took about 6 weeks at the very most. Try tracking it online to see if you have any joy.